devotional thoughts

Of Turtles and Trust and Trusting Again…. Even Here.

She was an average turtle. Living an average turtle life. Like turtles do. Every day, along with her turtle friends- she slowly made her way to the water lily and cat tail lined pond-that she called home. It’s where she found both the beauty and sustenance she needed to survive and thrive. One day, as she walked on the cool…

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The Real Momma Bears of The Cul De Sac- In which Goldilocks is a 6’4″ man- and gets taken out by momma bear.

The whimpering, shaking cry was not the typical “I didn’t get to pick the game we play and my feelings are hurt, or the “Everybody hates me. I have no friends” Kind of cries I’ve come to expect midsummer. This was a “I am in mortal fear.” Type of cry. And I don’t mean mortal fear of grounding. I mean-…

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