Faith on an Escalator….. (Now I have that Aerosmith song going through my head. And so do you. You’re welcome.)

Tweet “After you.”  I said that, in all it’s various forms-including: “No, go ahead.” and “No, Really. You first.” Approximately 6.3 million times during MOPS International Convention.  It wasn’t because I am nice. (I’m not. But, I try. Sometimes. And, it certainly wasn’t at the doors before general sessions. (I… Read more

A Foot in The Door- Literally. MOPS International Convention

Tweet If I had a body part that wasn’t hurting or exhausted it must be one that I’ve never heard of- even on House M.D.  My neck arms and shoulders hurt from craning my neck to make eye contact during meetings…my feet were a blistered mess (because I don’t have… Read more

Surviving the Mom-bie Apocalypse (much more dangerous than Zombies, trust me.)

Tweet Everyday I hear about people preparing for the Zombie apocalypse. They hoard food. They hoard gold. They hoard weapons and write books about Zombie apocalypse preparedness. These people are intense in either a fear of, or love for, zombies. (At least that’s what I read on the internet….) I… Read more

Stress fracture? Derangement of the Knee and Mind?—a confession I’m not a doctor & a contest

Tweet “So…. can I run?” I asked hopefully. “Well, you seem to be having trouble walking..” Replied the orthopedic specialist. “But, I need to exercise.  I’m trying to lose weight. I just got into a good habit.. I don’t want to have to start all over.” I argued . “There… Read more

Haiti Has Another Name : Fedna

Tweet We met years ago, at an unlikely place  by either chance, or divine intervention. (That depends on your perspective.) Fedna stood alone, before a plain industrial wall, in a blue uniform dress gingham check blouse and tennis shoes.  She wore matching blue butterfly barrettes, and had piercing, dark chocolate… Read more

You are not alone. MOPS International Convention

Tweet Words will be coming soon about my convention experience for now- a photo that sums it up: Tweet

She Did What She Could, Target Style.

Tweet I stood in the grocey aisle at Target, contemplating cereal options, when I heard THAT SOUND.  The tiny in volume (but so loud to a mom’s ears) *choke, cough, cough, gurgle.spew.”  I turned to look. (it’s a mom thing, I can’t help it.) There, between milk and eggs, was a… Read more

Plug your nose and jump- I finally have.

Tweet In July- when I originally posted the article below, I had no idea that was God preparing me for what Erwin McManus would be sharing at MOPS Convention. Saturday morning… He spoke from his new book “Wide Awake” The story he shared was so parallel to my own experience… Read more

The Sound of Grace. MOPS International Convention 2008

Tweet The coffee had not kicked in.  My eyes were drooping and  my stomach growled.  But, when the music started, those things didn’t matter. Together- nearly 5,000 Moms started singing.  An incredible sound.  We sang imperfectly.. in pitch and in something entirely DIFFERENT from pitch. (that would be ME) Some… Read more

Mothering.. the adventure that follows where ever you go…

Tweet My hands trembled just a bit as I buttoned the pink silk blouse.  I felt like a busty- rebel.  For a nursing mom- DRY-CLEAN ONLY was not just risky– it was downright DANGEROUS.  (Just how dangerous I was about to find out. The Hard way.) This day was special…. Read more