Dear Ladies Room Users Everywhere: A PSA

Tweet It’s day 11 of my husband’s hospital stay. Since things are settling down with him, and I’ve used more public restrooms than a truck driver, in the past month- I thought I’d take a few moments to write a PSA for Ladies room users everywhere. Dear Ladies, Girls, Women,… Read more

In Which a Heated Chair and an Allergic Reaction are Not the Same Thing- How We Survived Chemo Day 1,

Tweet Monday, we spent the day at the Cancer center. We needed to be educated to “choose” my husband’s next treatment plan. The whole idea- I find dumb. We are not doctors, how on earth are we supposed to choose? We didn’t even sleep at a Holiday Inn Express the… Read more

In which I decide we need a DSMM- Diagnostic Statistical Manual Of Mommy Disorders….

Tweet Truth: I’m a mom. I am crazy. Also truth: I’m not the only one. In another life I used to use the DSM on occasion. It’s a helpful tool that professionals use to diagnose and treat mental disorders. (It can also convince you that you’re crazy if you buy… Read more

Garbage Jenga— “winner” takes all …the trash out…

Tweet Shoe boxes, sushi containers, empty coffee cans, paper towels with nefarious stains.  Empty milk bottles, dirty chopsticks and vaguely-recognizable foodstuffs. Each object is precariously perched upon another. A leaning tower of garbage. A haz-mat situation in the kitchen. Really? It’s a rousing family game of Garbage Jenga. What started… Read more

Life is Complicated… Underwear Shouldn’t Be

Tweet I walked into Walmart a woman on a mission.  I was focused. I was ready. I strode confidently past end-cap, after end cap full of impulse purchase inducing swag. I chuckled at “the man’s” lame attempts to dissuade me from my goal.  “No, no way,not today Mr Marketer. I… Read more

Christmas Card Conundrum. In which I both love and hate Christmas Cards.

Tweet Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas Cards.  I love getting them. But, sending them? Well…. The angst created by trying to choose a card that is both reflective of my sentiments AND respectful of others views….. and doesn’t come across like a tract… epic..  I don’t want… Read more

Laundry Dysmorphic Disorder- In which I am incapable of appropriately loading a washing machine.

Tweet “Boom. Boom. BOOM BOOM BANG. Thump. thump thump thump thump!” No, it’s not the fourth of July. No, That is not the sound of me attempting  to conquer Just Dance on the Xbox 360. (Confession: it has however- been. In the past. PS: I lose. Always.) Contrary to the… Read more

The Last Time I Goosed a Stranger…..In which Insecurity leads to excessive spending, mayhem and humiliation.

Tweet Opening the invitation, I’ll admit my response: “Oh no. Not one of “those” events. You know….events where pretentious people gather and pretend to care, all the while making clear how important they are by name dropping, house dropping (not as exciting as when it involves witches with stripey hose… Read more

I hate pumpkin and it knows it.

Tweet Half baked?  Been there. Burnt crust? Done that. Patio stone of burnt orange stink?  Done that, too. It can’t be my fault. I know how to cook. I can make homemade pasta, and my apple pies are epic. At least I thought I knew how to cook until I… Read more

The thing about hair dye- it lies….(caution: do not dye your roots on “one of those days”)

Tweet I should have known better. The day did not start well. I stumbled down the steps and landed in not quite fresh cat-puke. The coffee maker malfunctioned and leaked coffee all over the counter. Not once, but three times. (I kept trying to make it work… addicted, much?) After… Read more