In Which Letters From Camp Reflect My Own Prayers….

Tweet He had everything he needed. (Including underwear and socks for each day- which by the way-he never changed. Not once. Gross. I know. He showered each day, but slipped back into his undies faster than a formula 1 pit stop.(kids + public showers and change areas= torture. Just sayin.)… Read more

Hi Ho! Cherry-O…. When winning is losing.

Tweet I am not much of a “player.” It’s not because I don’t like playing. It’s because I don’t like to lose. Friends often hear me say: “I only play games, I can win.” (Which does not include: win lose or draw, or a thousand other games…) When Noah suggested… Read more

Furious over Aquadots.

Tweet Alright.  I mostly do not post rants.  But today- I’m furious. I went to a local store, WalMart. To pick up a few things.  Since it’s Christmas time -(sheesh- can you believe that?)  I checked the toy aisle to see if I could pick up a few things.  On… Read more

A Bad Beagle, a bad weekend- a better week….(We hope) Mitered Square blanket update.

Tweet My SP 11 has requested to have visual confirmation of the bad beagle who resides within our hallowed walls.  Bad Beagle?  Only kind of I suppose. Let’s just say Beagle have “issues”. 1) Beagles chew.  (apparently only expensive DPNS, and Cracker Barrel Rockers…and shoes, and toys…) Though- honestly- she’s not… Read more


Tweet I’ve always lived in a nest. Like a robin- I’ve had a number of them. My nest has had so many shapes. A tiny third floor apartment. That I bought croscill curtains for – so at least SOMETHING would be pretty against the walls with corners softened by so… Read more