WE are Still America. 

The election is winding down. Finally. Hopefully, so will all the horrible arguing, name calling and divisiveness. 

Not just by our candidates. By US. 

Here’s the thing: WE are still America. 

All of us. The rich, the poor, the humble, the proud. Immigrants, native Americans, black, white, Asian, Muslim, Lebanese, Chinese, Latino, Korean,Indian, Italian, democrat, republican, libertarian, Green Party.. catholic, gay, straight, Baptist, Christian, Jew, Hindu – the list goes on. 

Different. But united. In Freedom.

I refuse to allow an election make me forget that WE are America. The fact is, regardless of who leads us, we are America. You and I.

The election is over. Let’s choose to start fresh. Let’s set down our verbal weaponry, pick up the things we are passionate about and start BEING America. Doing the things that need doing. Being who we need to be.

Let us never forget- people >politics. 

We the people…. I like the sound of that.

We have a choice. Tomorrow, whether our candidates have won or lost- we get to choose our response. I choose US.

WE are America. I’m proud to be part of the WE -with you. Whether we agree or disagree, are alike or different, I’m in this with you. 

WE are America. 

And that, is what makes America amazing, unique and great.

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