A few of my best worst decisions…… 

I make bad decisions. At least Decisions that wouldn’t hold up to a pros and cons balance sheet test.

  • Like getting married and having kids young.
  • Like staying home when we could have really used a second income. (See above.) 
  • Like buying half a duplex on a land contract.
  • Like buying a cottage in the middle of a cancer battle.
  • Like buying a puppy when life is insane. 

“Have you thought this through?”

“This seems like bad timing for that.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

I am blessed to have wise people who speak truth to me. I listen to wise their counsel. And sometimes I listen, then trust my gut. 

Sometimes this bites me in a rather uncomfortable place. And sometimes? I make the very best bad decisions.

Like marrying and having kids young. (Hello, my husband has advanced prostate cancer. Every day counts. I’m glad we didn’t wait. We’d have had even less time.)

Like staying home when a second income would have made finding milk and diaper money much easier than searching for quarters in the couch. Financially? Not so good. For our family? Wouldn’t take back a minute.

Buying half a duplex? Ended up providing a down payment for our first “real” house. Something we struggled to save for on one income whole paying rent. 

Like buying a cottage during a cancer blitzkrieg. Financially? Balance sheet fail. Saving would have been “wiser.”or maybe safer. However, the memories made there and the peace and relaxation we find in that little place on a lake? Absolutely invaluable. Another best bad decision.

The puppy?  Well just. Look. I confess, I’ve made bad not so best puppy decisions in the past. This one? Totally thought through, researched breeders & breeds. Found someone local with a great track record. Planned for the arrival and the challenges of a new puppy. Did it make sense on paper? No. In practice? Our 6 am walks are often the most peaceful moments in my day. His cuddles and loyalty? Therapeutic. Bonus surprise? He ended up being a show quality dog and our breeder is staying involved and helping with his testing grooming etc. best bad dog decision ever.

That time I decided to put a wallpaper border at ceiling height in the bathroom, alone? Not so good a bad decision. We’re talking Lucy minus Ethel. Picture me, on a chair in the bathtub slowly sliding backwards as I try to press the paper to the wall…

That time I bought clearance haircolor and ended up being suggested for show and tell by my middles schooler because I had purple hair? Not so good. Funny, but not good.

The time I decided to carry all the plastic grocery bags at once? Well… I still keep making that bad decision. I’m not that smart. 

What about you? Do you ever make the best bad decisions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!!!

Dear lord, your grace and mercy are amazing. I know my best bad decisions are decisions in which you intervene. Please give me wisdom and courage. And please lord protect me from myself! Amen!