Whistling in the Wind

“The sun will be out any minute. I can see a hole in the clouds moving this way.” This was my mantra for 45 goosebump-covered minutes while a whipping wind blew clouds over the lake. And over the lake. And back over the lake again. I was desperate for a few minutes of sun by the water. “I’m going to wait this out. I will get some sun.”

Apparently thinking clouds away does not work. The sun was a tease today. Out just long enough between clouds for me to tip my head up like a lizard hoping for life giving warmth. (I’m not an evolutionist, but I think I’m cold blooded. Sunshine absolutely makes me feel alive. Or, my doctor is right and I’m severely D deficient. Whatever.)

When I actually started shivering, I decided it might be time to give up. But I was intrigued. The entire time I sat there, seeking sunshine and shivering, I heard a deep toned whistle. 

It wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t a plane. It wasn’t even superman. For a minute I was afraid it was some venomous water snake I’d never heard of, or a swarm of flesh eating bugs heading my way. (Paranoid drama queen. I know.)

Eventually I noticed the sound was coming from the dock poles. That swirling wind was causing them to sing like a woodwind section in a lake orchestra.

I decided, at that moment, that instead of a lizard, I want to be a dock pole. When the winds of life whip and rip around me, I want to sing. Not with psycho fury, but with joy that I’m standing against the wind. 

There may not have been much sun today, but we stood against the wind of cancer again. Kyle is getting stronger. Fractures are healing. We are at our little cottage and even went out to lunch! 

12 My feet stand on level ground;   in the great congregation I will praise the Lord.

“dear lord, when life is whipping by and its winds tear at me, may I whistle, may I sing, may I praise you, because I stand on level ground. Even when I feel like a deck pole, head barely above the wind blown waves. In Jesus name- amen

By the time I finished this post…. The clouds cleared out. Maybe sometimes, the very wind that whips and chills is the wind needed to roll away the clouds. 

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  1. When the wind is blowing just right one of the downspouts on our house plays a note as if it were an organ pipe. Thought you would get a kick out of knowing that. When we first moved in it took me a while to figure our where the sound was coming from!

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