A Fresh Cup of Brave….Filled by Beloved Friends

I wrote a few months back, I wrote about my broken bravery. I talked about my heart breaking  along with this mug. I know. I know. It’s not a magical mug. (Although, the coffee I fill it with might be. Just sayin. Witch to wonder mom in 2 cups.)   But still. It had meaning.

It was a reminder to me to be myself, bravely. Something I need often. I struggled through the cheesy emotions of losing the mug. I grew through it’s loss. I realized the reminder is always there, imprinted  on my heart by God’s word. I just need to look for it.

Except: I still missed my morning cup of brave. 

A number of weeks later, a package arrived. One I wasn’t expecting. (I’m the Amazon queen. I know when every roll of toilet paper is out for delivery;)  I opened the box to find this:

A fresh cup of brave. A pseudo miracle because it’s a cup with last years MOPS (what  is mops? Click to see.) theme logo,  something I thought couldn’t be replaced.

Friends sometimes know just what you need, and they find a way. If you let them know how you’re feeling.

Even if it’s a silly wonderful almost magical fresh cup of brave, just when you need it most.

Thank you, friends. Knowing I’m loved and not alone is real magic. Biblical love magic. And you’ve filled my new cup overflowing with it.

Dear lord, I pray for each reader, that they would find people to share their brokenness with, and that you’d use those loved and trusted friends to refill and refresh and repair their brokenness, with an outpouring of you love. In Jesus’ name, amen.