Dear Mom Who…….

motherhood-quote1webDear mom who: parents differently than me. Is having a bad day. Hasn’t showered in a week due to nursing schedule of doom or depression.  Who has a cranky child. Who has a child who has decided that today is THE day to test cuss words at church, or scream them at Target.  Dear mom who feeds her kids nuggets so they don’t starve or, who shops whole foods and cans her own fruit so her kids don’t starve. Dear mom who is yelling in the parking lot, crying in the bathroom or is just just trying to pee by herself. Dear mom who is trying to give your kid some space at the playground and learn to solve their own relational problems or, who wants to help her child solve relational issues, Dear mom who has 1 child, 10 children, adopted, fosters, gave birth underwater without drugs to the sound of whales singing or, gave birth via planned c section with a spinal block that could numb an elephant. Dear mom, who works, who stays home, who works from home. Dear mom who’s married and happy, who’s married and miserable. Dear mom who’s divorced, single, widowed. Dear mom of a different faith or denomination…Dear mom, who’s struggling to find quarters to buy milk or who’s enjoying her trust fund. Dear mom who home schools, private schools, charter schools and public schools….Dear mom who votes differently from me.

I see you. I know you’re doing the best you can and what you know is right for your family at this time. I know you struggle. We all do. Parenting is hard. Being a mom is hard. It’s also amazing. Its not my job to mom shame you  with lame open letters for being different from me.I can’t. I won’t. I’ve never walked a mile in your shoes. Honestly? I’m not sure I could.

It’s my job to cheer you on: You can do this! WE can do this! You’re a great mom! Be the kind of mom God planned for YOU, to be! Don’t wear yourself out comparing yourself to others. Just take the next step. Just keep breathing. Take care of yourself, too. It’s my delight to learn from you. We need each other and we’re better when we mother together.

PS: Dear mom who’s reading this: thank you.I know you don’t have much time for stuff like this. You are loved. You are needed in this mom community. You are welcome here. There’s another place I’d like to invite you.. a place to find your mom tribe. A place where you will be welcomed. A place to meet women who’ll be with in this adventure and mess- it’s called MOPS. check it out. www.mops.org

Dear Lord- raise up women all over the world who long to end the mommy wars and mom shaming. Help us to love without agenda, as you do. Help us to find beauty in our differences- give us eyes to see the value of each other- in your name- amen

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