I’m Not Proud to Be a Christian. (Just: grateful, humbled, in awe of God’s grace to me, the list goes on.)

I sometimes find myself wanting to wave a flag and declare:  I’m proud to be a Christian. Except. I’m not. It’s Pride Pressure. Pride pressure is when you see a bunch of facebook posts that (basically) threaten to judge you if you don’t post your “pride.” Some even imply that Jesus will deny you if you don’t repost His pic. Because by doing so you’re obviously denying Him. Newsflash: I’ve yet to find a verified account for Jesus on FB, Twitter, Etc. I doubt he’s watching to see who reposts or posts their pride. He may be disturbed if he did.

In my mind (and maybe my heart and Bible) Pride and Christianity have nothing to do with each other. I looked in the bible. I can’t find a single verse where we’re exhorted to be prideful about our relationship with God. That is NOT the same as being ashamed of it or denying Christ. I’m not ashamed. I do not deny Christ. I simply find myself in awe of His grace extended to me. Who am I that he would forgive me? Who am I that he would love me? I am humbled that he’d ever listen to my prayers, let alone know the number of hairs I have on my head. (Along with their natural color, just sayin.)

Would Jesus be disturbed by our pride? Maybe. Maybe because when we make it something we’re proud of, we imply that it’s something we’ve done. Like Hey: I’m proud of this batch of granola I made! (I am, today it was apple cranberry pecan. It’s yumtastic.) In the bible pride is usually mentioned as: sin. Just something to think about.

Here’s the thing: I did nothing to earn God’s forgiveness or grace.I didn’t convince him to love me with my winning smile or fabulous personality.  I did nothing but acknowledge my sin and accept His work on the Cross and in my heart. Even that isn’t about me. It’s about HIM. HE is graceful. HE is merciful. HE is loving. Thats why he forgives and love me. It’s not about me. It’s about Him

So, No. I’m not proud to be a Christian. I won’t boast about my amazing faith. (Let’s face it, my faith is more real and raw and messy and meager, at best. Y’all are much more incredibly faithful than me. I’m serious. I’m a jerk. I have doubts and fears and more issues that Oprah Magazine.Nothing to boast about here. Not one thing.)

I am, however, incredibly thankful. Incredibly humbled and incredibly loved. By a God who simply is Love and is prepared to extend the same to each of us.

That’s worth waving a flag. a flag of surrender and worship. (No actual flags necessary. Justsayin.)

I’ll stick with that.

Dear Lord, Even writing these words feels weird. But they also feel honest. I think i’m not the only one who struggles with pride- having it or not having it. Lord- I know some of my beloved readers will be offended by the idea of this post. Please help them and me to see our hearts. Root out pride and fill us with humility and gratefulness. Let those things draw others to you. in Jesu name- amen.

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