“Sorry, Pat Benatar. Love is not a battlefield. It’s time to stop fighting about it and start living it”


 Shout out to my girl, Pat. We’re on first name basis, of course. I actually call her Patty, she calls me Betty. (Long story.) ok. That’s a lie. Any way,  thanks , Pat, for inspiring my love of black leather, sassy short hair and for warning me that love is a battlefield.   

I was confused. I thought love was an action. A matter of the heart. Something holy . A high calling. I though love was a gift. I thought it was a deep emotion that proves our humanity. I thought God was love. I thought is was pretty clear we’re supposed to love one another. The jerks, the prisoners, the homeless and suburbanites. Even people who vote differently from us or who can do the whole smoky eye thing without looking like a drunk panda. Skinny people. Fat people. All colors of people. All kinds of people. The bible never says: “except these people. ” 

 I had no clue it was a battle field. Love as something to fight over? Total oxymoron. 

Yet, mention the word “love” among Christians, lately, and a fight ensues. 

Who should love whom? Who shouldn’t? What is love? How much love is enough? What about tough love? Love the sinner? But I hate the sin! Who does God really, love? How do I show love? Too much love makes people sin more.

 Love  is even  a political battle. “Love”has become code for liberal. (Whatever “liberal” means.)  even the Super Bowl half time show became a battlefield of love. Some people saw a statement on certain kinds of love, I saw the beauty of united love. 

We spend a lot of time fighting about love. 

I wonder what would happen if we spent all that time and energy,  living loving lives, instead of fighting about it.

I’d really like to find out. 

This weekend is Valentine’s Day. A day we set aside to honor those we love. What if we put the love battle aside for a few days and just loved people right where they are and as they are?  Pushy people at the grocery store. Cranky people in carpool. Homeless people on corners. Pubescent people who’s hormones make than act like psychotic monkeys on crack.  Sick people. Cranky toddlers and exhausted , remote hogging husbands. Well people. Poor people. Rich people. Maybe even politicians if you’re super spiritual, and more mature than me.

It will probably be hard. It will surely be messy. And I have a feeling it could also be literally heavenly. 

Join me? I’m in. Love is no longer something I’m fighting over. It’s something I’m living. One step at a time. One person at a time. One moment at a time.

Because He first, loved me. 

If you’re mucking through the battlefield of love, I encourage you to read Bob Goff’s  book “Love  Does.” 

My word for this year is love. So I’m doing some deep study on all the mentions of love in the bible. It’s gonna take a while. There are a lot. Apparently love is pretty important to God. Who knew?

Dear lord, fill me with your love. Help me not be distracted by fighting over the ideology of love and focus on the action of loving everyone I meet. Help me to love well. I love u lord, and thank you for your love. Given freely, at an unimaginable cost. Raise up a people of overwhelming love and let your love chair the world, on Jesus name. Amen.

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