A Lavishly Celebrated Christmas…..

Foyer tree! Broken, crooked and the lights aren’t working… but it’s up!
from the outside- this will look like any other front window tree;) From the inside? it’s the Nerd tree;)
Star Wars tree in the front rom. AKA: the college boy gaming room.
Star Wars tree in the front rom. AKA: the college boy gaming room.

Lavish=expended, bestowed, or occurring in profusion:
lavish spending.
2. using or giving in great amounts; prodigal (often followed by of):
lavish of his time; lavish of affection.

FYI: Lavish is a relative term.

This year celebrating Christmas lavishly means:

We have a tree in the foyer but the lights won’t work and the base is broken. Bringing it upstairs and decorating it with minimal decorations, involved me expending a profusion of energy. Trust me.

We will have a tree in the living room. It will not be full size, but it will hold our most precious ornaments.

There will be Christmas cookies. Shortbread dipped in chocolate, made with chocolate, made without chocolate, with pecans…i’m only making shortbread dough. It is enough. It is lavish.

This year we’ll enjoy christmas eve with my in laws at my brother and sister in laws. I miss having the whole crew,here. But this year that’s would bet too much. There’s lavish- and cray-cray. Over 30 people at my house right now, would be cray-cray, not lavish. it would also not be a celebration for me.. it would be more work than I can handle. Instead i’ll bring a dish to pass and celebrate lavishly with our family.

This year we will, however, have company. We’ll have a quiet (ish) celebration Christmas day with my mom and Stepdad and the dogs. We will have ham and cheesy potatoes and whatever else we have. There will be pie. It will be lavish. We’ll then have a day at the cottage with my dad’s side of the family. We’ll order pizza and everyone will bring goodies. Pizza at the cottage with family, can be a lavish celebration.

There will be gifts. But, this year, I did not make a spread sheet. I working from a simple list in my iphone notes. I’m sure the list isn’t perfect. But, it’s good enough. I will be wrapping gifts in gift bags, instead of spending back breaking hours wrapping what will be ripped open in the blink of an eye. (Hello, 3 back surgeries and enough titanium and tantalum in my neck to build an Eiffel tower replica make wrapping torture for me, not a celebration.) Lavishly celebrating means knowing what my body can handle and giving from what I have to give. It is enough. It is lavish.

Lavishly celebrating isn’t painful or misery causing. Lavishly celebrating is joyful.

The gifts were carefully chosen and within our budget. Giving lavishly doesn’t mean going broke. Giving lavishly means giving what you can- freely and with joy. Which- we will. 😉 One of my traditional gifts will not be arriving in time. In years past I’d have spent hours and a fortune figuring out a way to make them arrive on time. This year? The recipients will simply be told the gift is on it’s way. That is enough. It is lavish.

This year, we will not be: sending christmas cards, cleaning like a christmas cyclone or losing our minds over details. (Although I do love me some holiday details.)

Instead, the focus will be on celebrating lavishly….if it doesn’t feel celebratory-in process and in practice, it’s off my to do list.  It’s not about entertaining people lavishly or impressing people lavishly…. it’s about celebrating. Lavishly.

Which.. I suppose Christmas is always supposed to be, isn’t it?

Wonder why I only learn these things the hard way?

Oh right, cause I’m me.

Dear Lord, may this Christmas be a lavish celebration; of family and giving and the miracle of your birth and joining us in this world and life. Emmanuel. God with us. Lord, help me to accept our limits and give up guilt and cray cray. Help me to focus on celebration…. which is more about the heart than it is the art of a holiday decor or meal. I love you lord- thank you for being present with us…Emmanuel. May We celebrate this truth lavishly in all we do- amen.

It’s your turn Dear reader- how are you celebrating Christmas lavishly this year? What are you holding onto, and what are you letting go of? I can’t wait to hear!

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  1. Our Christmas is a simplified holiday this year. Only three of many storage containers of Christmas decorations are being used. Gifts are simplified this year too, in an effort to save toward an international family trip next Christmas. Here’s to celebrating lavishly!

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