Of Pride, Pie and Cinnamon

  Maybe we’ll actually have thanksgiving, after all! Buoyed by hope, I made my list and headed to Target. Between hubby caregiving and carpool time was ticking. 

Not to mention the whole: “I have to get lunch to my kid or he’ll starve” thing.

I shopped in 18 minutes flat.

Proud doesn’t begin. I also managed to leave with only what was on my list. A major accomplishment in itself. Especially in the middle of a crapstorm of a November. Let’s just say: It’s been rough.

Time is crazy right now, so I had to prioritize. “Everything” just wasn’t happening. Here is my prioritized list:

  1. Turkey
  2. Fresh cranberry relish
  3. Home made apple pie
  4. Stuffing
  5. Gravy
  6. Candied sweet potatoes
  7. Pumpkin pie
  8. Mashed potatoes
  9. Rolls 

Yesterday, I thawed the butterball. (And pulled a muscle getting it into the fridge. Ouch.) But still. We had a bird. Last night I made cranberry relish. I also baked a frozen pumpkin pie, because it’s just not any better when I make them home made. Priorities. I haz them.
This morning was crunch time. You know, when 500 side dishes have to be ready at the same time as the entre. In light of prioritization-yesterday I made an executive decision. I bought pre made mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes aren’t high on my guys priority list. They just don’t like the boxed ones. But, they’re a must have. So: pre made in a tub placed in my serving dish and no one batted an eye.!That saved me nearly an hour of work. (I made that up. I hate making mashed potatoes and I’ve never timed myself, so whatever.) 

Home made apple pie is much more important to my people. That’s where I put my effort. Along with careful roasting l, injecting and seasoning of the turkey. (Secrets. Can’t share or I’d have to kill you. Sorry.) 

Except, this morning when I went to make THE pie, there was no CINNAMON. Not in the spice cupboard. Not on the counter where is lined up the meal by ingredient groupings. No where.

How do you run out of cinnamon?

If it was rolls. I’d have skipped it. I looked up recipes for cinnamon-less pie. Blah. Wouldn’t be MY pie. I pulled everything out of the cupboard to make sure I was really out. I considered using cinnamon bark essential oil. Honestly? Those tiny brown flecks? A must in apple pie.

I considered going to the store. But, I’d already committed to NOT shopping on thanksgiving. 

I had only one option. I texted my neighbor. At 7:50 am. Begging for mercy and cinnamon. Oh, did I mention she and I have had issues? Yeah. Of course. Fog issues. Yard issues. Issue issues. Ugh. My other neighbors don’t speak much English and I don’t have their cell#. 

I nearly choked on my pride while texting. I could not have asked for help if I’d have called. “Dang it. I tried so hard. I prioritized. I made a list. I’m supposed to be able to handle this! Pie is a non-negotiable!” I harangued myself while waiting for my neighbors reply. 

I may have prayed they were in town and feeling jolly. I also made sure the beagle didn’t try to kill their wheaton terriers this morning. 

She had cinnamon. She was happy to share. *gasp* who knew neighbors could be nice even with issues???

I may have cried. I’d compromised and been through enough this month. I just couldn’t compromise apple pie.

Sometimes you have to prioritize and compromise, and sometimes you have to ask for help.

I’m glad I asked. I needed it. More than cinnamon and apple pie, I needed the reminder that we’re not created to live life alone. Were created to live in community. Community cares beyond conflicts.

Early this morning I re read the verse about loving our neighbors. Today, I experienced a new way to love my neighbor. By letting her see my need and imperfection, and help. 

Funny thing. It made ME love HER more.

Dear lord, thank you for the pride smack down (I needed it) and for the cinnamon provision this morning. Help me be a good loving neighbor, and allow others to be good loving neighbors toward me.  I love you lord, and love that you were present here, in our thanksgiving, today. Amen.