Clogged Air Intakes and the Hard Work of Embracing Rest

I slipped out of my shorts at the last possible moment before climbing onto the jet-ski, sweaty after already wrestling the lawnmower and in great need of a bit of speed for relaxing. (Oxymoron? Not to me. Carry on.) Life jacket on, I climbed aboard and and took off for a ride.

The fun lasted until I was all the way across the lake when the jet-ski suddenly became what I can only describe as: constipated. It. Just. Wouldn’t: GO! Fortunately, I putted back across the lake at approximately the speed of mud and put the ski on the hoist without much fuss or fun.

“Great. First, I almost kill myself trying to start the lawnmower (I’d tell you about it but, it was so traumatic I believe I blocked that memory.) and now I break the jet ski.  Fantastic way to relax before a busy couple of weeks. Wait- I just had a busy, cray-cray couple of weeks. Crap.”

Instead of crawling into a hole with the rest of the cinnamon rolls. I texted my husband that I broke the ski. We talked. He made some suggestions. I Googled. Then: I fixed the dumb jet ski. (It was just weeds wrapped around some machine type stuff. All I know is Lake weeds? Still gross.

Finally, I climbed back on the ski and went for a ride. CKhnG4dWgAACN92

It was worth it.

Rest always is.

What we forget about when we talk about embracing rest, is that sometimes in order to rest, we need to do some hard work.  Of course, everyday is hard work. Somedays? Breathing is hard work. So is not killing people in love. But, intentional times of rest usually requires some preparation and work in advance.

Like: Cutting the lawn so you can walk to the dock to ride the jet ski without becoming lost in the jungle of your yard. And: like fixing the lawn mower so you can cut the grass to get tot the dock to ride the jet ski so you can rest. And packing. And laundry. And cooking.

The list goes on. Honestly? Somedays, when I think about what it takes to go and take a break, and i think: forget it. Resting is too much work.

Except: it’s not. In between lawn mower wrestling and jet ski fixing, after the packing and cooking and cleaning and laundry there were whole chapters of books read while floating in an inner tube. (We won’t discuss what it takes to get in and out of that thing. But, I could be internets famous if there is ever video posted of that epic event. It involves aiming my backside at a floating: aka: a moving object, and plopping into it. Or, off of it. Whichever.) There were uninterrupted rows of knitting, knit and enjoyed. There were even lame and mindless Netflix queues worked through.

All: totally worth it.

So was the Jet ski ride. Even with the nasty weeds.

Rest- always is.

Tonight, as I head out to an awesome writer and speakers conference- I want to her how you feel about the work it takes to rest?

I also want to confess: Sometimes? I skip the work and just rest anyway. Work is always there. Always.

So- what is blocking your rest? Weeds wrapped around engine parts? Lawns that need mowing? A to do list you can’t or, won’t let go of? Laundry? Cleaning? Work? Illness? Caregiving? How can you do the hard work so you can rest? And: what work can wait so you can rest?

It’s worth it. trust me.

Here’s proof:




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