That’s Not the Nest We’re Looking For….

“Mom! HURRY! You won’t believe it! There’s a nest in the campfire wood!”

I have a thing for nests. Enter “Even here” or “Nest” in the search bar and you’ll see what I meanIMG_0038. Nests have become a talisman or ebenezer of sorts. Something physical that reminds me of God’s presence, help and action in our lives. They tend to show up when I need to be reminded the most.

Of course, I ran over to see yet another miracle. “Could a nest have stuck in a tree while they cut it down? Maybe, a bird nested in the bundle?” I confess, I had doubts as we raced to see the “nest.”

It was a nest. Just not the kind of nest we usually look for. Instead of pretty blue robins eggs or speckled swallow eggs.. this nest held baby mice. Yes. I stifled a scream. I tried not to freak. Mostly because my son was so happy to have found a nest for me. Time slowed down as I carefully backed away.. a fake smile plastered on my face like a halloween mask. “That’s not the kind of nest I’m usually looking for. I think it’s a mouse nest, honey.”

It was like that moment in Star Wars: “These are not the droids you’re looking for.”

Only my Jedi Mind trick, failed. My son was visibly disappointed. Not by me. (I played it pretty well.) But, by the kind of nest he’d actually, found.

I’ve felt the same disappointment.

Honestly? I’m not always thrilled with the ways God shows up in my life. (Heresy? Maybe. Honesty? Definitely.) I kind of want a Super hero God who is there to rescue me in the nick of time. I want everything to turn out okay.. because well: God.

Only, it doesn’t. Not always.

This weekend was one of those times. We were camping with friends, when my husband had a medical crisis related to his cancer. I prayed for God to show up with a nest of healing. He didn’t. Instead, he showed up in the love and care of our nest of friends.


  • Helped set up our camper.(Because cancer + my neck and back issues= camping even in our trailer is hard.)
  • Helped fix our camper when it leaked. (Yeah,it was one of those trips.)
  • Fed, kept busy and cared for my mouse-nest finding kid, while we went to the hospital.
  • Helped take down our camper and then towed it all the way home, so I could get my husband home to recover without having to deal with a camper. (Envision me, driving a truck, towing a camper, with my husband in pain, my kid upset and Duncan the Wonder dog trying to help. Now stop picturing that, it’s giving me hives.)
  • Prayed for us.
  • Sat with us.
  • Hugged us.
  • Loved us.
  • Cried with us.
  • Celebrated our mouse nest finding child’s special 13th birthday with us.

It may not have been the hummingbird nest I was hoping to find, or even the robin’s nests I usually see…. But, that crazy wonderful mouse nest of messy relationships is where God showed up. And I’m thankful He did.

Dear Lord- That’s not the nest I was looking for. I was looking forward to you showing up in a restful, fun week with friends. I expected a nest of rest. Not a mouse nest of crisis and care. But, I’m thankful you did show up Even here… when the nest is full of mice. In Jesus name- amen.


  1. Have you ever been (at least kind of) disappointed in how God has chosen to show up in your life? What did you want, and how did he respond?
  2. Do you have something that reminds you of God’s presence/ action in your life? What is it?
  3. Have you ever had a camping calamity? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

**For those worrying: Hubby is better now. And we left the mouse nest at the campground. My youngest may or may not have thrown it into the woods. I don’t want to ask. Sometimes, It’s better for mom, not to know. Justsayin.



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