Sneak peek at the #motorcitytattooexpo2015 Cee Jay Inky Jones

A beautiful- life changing coverup CEE JAY created Friday!
a gorgeous cover up piece in progress




Something beautiful by Mario Sanchez The number of artists and the variances in specializations at the Expo is incredible!

This is @Cee Jay Inky Jone’s Final tattoo of the expo- a gorgeous watercolor piece. What you won’t believe is this is actually a cover up!
The incredible Cee Jay Jones at work- With a Neo Tat Machine- of course. If she bleeds Eternal ink- I’m pretty sure she’s built by NeoTat. Or would happily have her hand remade into a neonate machine.
Cee Jay working on a a watercolor American eagle piece.
Cee Jay being interviewed while working… I’m convinced she loves Eternal Ink so much that if you cut her- she’d bleed Eternal Ink.

11047119_10204814201727576_379011921_nIMG_0040_2IMG_0032_3IMG_0035_3IMG_0052_2Check out Cee Jay’s Facebook, Instagram and Website for more pics from the Motorcity Detroit Expo and to book an appointment at her  Sassmouth Ink shop opening April 1st!!!

If you really want to know what the world of  Tattooing can be like- read her hysterical and poignant book: Ink on My Face available on Amazon right now!

I’ll be posting more pics from the expo soon! it was a great time. I love seeing artists do their thing-  Cee Jay is one of the most talented, creative and hard working women I’ve ever met. It was great working her booth and helping showcase her work.


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