A Vaccination Proclamation: Dear Parents Everywhere

UnknownI do hereby acknowledge that I have no responsibility or right to decide what is right for you and your family in regards to vaccinations. (Among myriad other -parenting decisions. )

I respect your holy calling to parent the child (children) that God has entrusted to you. He chose YOU- your unique design and unique desires to raise them in the way you feel convicted and convinced to be best.

I refuse to impose my convictions on you.

I choose to respect our differences and sacrifices.


Don’t vaccinate.

You do what’s best for your family, and I’ll do what’s best for mine.

If that means children have to be withdrawn from school settings to protect others. I respect that choice. If that means choosing the potential risk of infection- over risk of  potential complications- to vaccinations. I respect that choice. I trust YOU to do your own research and make an informed choice.

If that means doctors appointments, expenses and facing the risk of potential side effects- of vaccinations- I respect that choice. I trust YOU to do your own research and make an informed choice.

Parenting is hard. There is conflicting advice and research on every parenting decision from feeding to discipline.

Opinions… everyone has them.  And we all think we’re right. (I actually AM- Of course.) It’s one of the things we humans are naturally very generous with.

Wouldn’t the world would be a better place if we were more generous with respect and less so with opinions and judgments? I think so.

Since I don’t walk in your shoes, live your life,  parent your child, or hold responsibility for any of the above- I refuse to judge.

If the vaccination shoe fits- wear it. I’d rather be the mom stumbling along beside you- in love and respect in her own shoes- than a shoe saleswoman trying to convince you to buy/wear mine.  (If I did- I’d be shoeless and you’d have shoes that most likely wouldn’t fit. I may have either freakishly small or, freakishly large feet. . It’s not likely they’d be a good fit. Justsayin.)

Dear Lord- parenting is hard. We bear the weight of making life impacting decisions for tiny people who have been entrusted to our care. Each child is a unique masterpiece hand made by you. Each parent – yet another unique masterpiece. I pray for wisdom. I pray for respect to replace judgments- I pray that we’d learn from each other and love each other. I believe that we desperately need each other on this journey through mothering. We are better when we mother together. Love you lord- and pray for the health and safety of  each child and parent facing these decisions. Life is precious. Make us brave enough to live out out convictions and respect others. In Jesus’ name- amen.




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