Let’s play a Game: Truths and Lies about Veiling- Walking A Mile in Her Shoes: Hijab Style

1) There is a right and wrong way to veil. The rules for veiling are clear and concise.

2) Veiling started in the Islamic culture.

3) Veiling is a hotly debated and widely varied in practice tradition.

4) Veiling is something forced on women by men religion and governments.

5) Veiling is against the law in certain countries in certain public places.

6) Because they veil- Muslim women don’t care about or fuss over their appearance.

7) Veiling is a way to control and minimize the value of women.

8) Veiling is a choice some Muslim women make as a sign of both reverence and freedom.

9) Women who veil think women who don’t are walking around naked.

10) Veiling is a means to hide the identity of a woman.

Lets talk about the answers- click for more

1) From the Niqab to Hijab and the rarely in the seen in the states Burqua -There are as many ways and styles of veiling. Veiling is 1 part Quran, 1 part cultural tradition (Veiling practices vary in different countries) and 1 part family tradition. Google “Islamic Veiling” Or check out The Hijabista site and Pinterest boards about veiling.

2) Veiling has been around for just about ever. Jewish women veil/ veiled in the temple. Women in some Christian denominations wear head covering of various types. Some Catholic Nuns veil in reverance and modesty as part of their vows. Hindi women also sometimes wear a covering over their head for worship and prayer. Muslims do not hold the patent on veiling. Who knew?

3) Veiling and how it’s practiced (from what I’m learning) is as debated and varied as any other religious observance- from doctrines to worship style and practices.

4) Veiling is generally a woman’s choice. Especially in America. Many women who previously didn’t veil are choosing to veil to keep their identity as Muslim women known and recognized as well as for purposes of worship and modesty. There are instances of forced veiling. Those are more rare that I’d previously thought.

5) Veiling in government and public places is against the law in some countries. This baffles me. I cannot understand not having the right to worship God in the way I believe to be true ad right. (Learning this made me more thankful to live in a country where I am free to worship as I like. Veiled or not.)

6) Women are as varied in their style and appearance while veiling as those who do not veil. Apparently- it’s a woman thing. Check out some fashion sites for hijabs….

7) Many women find veiling empowering. They feel less objectified and more respected and valued when wearing their veil.

8) True statement.

9) Women who veil understand that many do not. They rarely consider us “Naked.”

10) Veiling does not hide the human self of a woman. Some would say that it protects it and values it by not disclosing it to the world- but only to a favored few.

So- Any of these things surprise you? Do you disagree? If you veil- am I wrong in how Im interpreting what’ I’m learning?

School me! I long to connect and learn. Not just from books- but from you! Any tips for my first outing in a veil?

Please scroll back and read yesterdays post- I need to hear your thoughts!

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