The Right Shoe at the Wrong Time- In Which a #Shoefie #Fail Puts my toes at risk.

I can’t feel my toes. Well- I can feel them now- and they hurt in that “Oh my Lord, do I have frostbite? Frost nip? Feels more like Shark bite-If I do-How will I wear sandals this summer?” Kind of way.

On the upside- it’s not nerve damage or, disc trouble causing the pain and numbness. It’s just plain, vain stupidity. Ouch.

I have this cute pair of shoes. They are comfortable. They show off my beautiful foot tattoos. They are even practical. Traction on the bottom and no heel. Theoretically- the perfect shoes.

Except for yesterday. When it was below zero with the wind chill. In the time it took to get from my car to the hospital and from the car to pick up my youngest after school- my feet froze. Mean- I did not require medical intervention- but i did require heating up my slippers on the heat vent and wrapping my tootsies in a heating pad.

I thought my cute flats would be a good option. I’m honestly sick of wearing boots. They make my feet look fat.  And, since my feet are the only thin thing on me- I try to avoid that. (I keep telling you I’m shallow and vain. Just sayin.)

So yesterday- I knew it was going to be a crazy stressful day. Cute shoes make those better for me. So I went for them.


Apparently-when the weather man talks about exposed skin freezing in terms of seconds to minutes -due to windchill- they’re not kidding. It’s also a clue that maybe cuteness shouldn’t be the indicator for your shoes that day. Maybe, I’d listen if they called it a “weather shoe-cast” instead of a forecast. Fore-cast reminds me of golf, which reminds me of summer, which makes all cute shoes viable options.  (ADD much?) I suggest they start telling us how long it will take to defrost your toes if you make a poor shoe choice.

I can’t blame the weather man. (Although I just made a pretty good attempt.) It’s my own fault. And- it’s not a new fault of mine. I have a bad shoe choice history. From cute heels that cause pinched nerves to shoes that cause more blistering than a solar suntanning session- I’ve made every shoe mistake there is.

The last time I was in Denver- my shoe bottom came loose and got stuck in the escalator. Which left me screaming for help – else I become knocked on my face at the top of the steps or sucked to my doom in it’s sharp toothed people moving- mawl. (I was rescued by the guy behind me. The shoes had a zipper- I couldn’t slip my foot out of them- or reach down with my bags and neck issues to unzip them. Dude literally yanked my foot from the jaws of death.  I may have made a scene. I also may have immediately thrown those shoes in the trash and put on the slippers form my carry-on.)

There’s more to shoes than what’s summed up in the adage: “If the shoe fits, wear it.” (Or, as women know- if the shoe kind of fits- and is on clearance- wear it anyway. With clearance shopping pride.)  It’s not just fit- it’s function that matters. .

Yesterdays fit was fine. Even part of it’s function was fine. They were great as long as I was INSIDE.  Just not so much for outside.

Today- it’s even colder. Today is just as busy and stressful. We found out at the hospital – that my hubby will require another minor surgery on Friday. (Again: I hate cancer and all it brings.) I’ll spend the next couple of days doing kid vigilance and due diligence. (youngest is having a rough time) I’m prepping for the worst case and hoping for the best.

My still achey- cold feet are a reminder to take the next steps without vanity and stupidity. I’ll be wearing the right shoes at the right time.  Denial does not make for good shoe choices.  The reality is this: I will be doing a lot of cross-training  this week. Prepping the house and family for a potential hospital stay. And doing all the normal things I have to do as well. Along with eh abnormal that is our current reality. (Wound packing? So -not normal.)

I suppose if there is a point in all this crazy shoe posting- it’s this:

The shoes we wear each day- need to fit the circumstances of that day. Honestly- yesterday? I was thinking cancer center day. Cancer Center days  usually means a lot of running around. Comfy indoor shoes are a must. I simply left out the rest of the day. My toes paid the price.

I’ve made this mistake before. And- I’ll probably make it again. Let’s face it- I have a deep love for all shoes cute and sassy.  This will occasionally lead me astray.  Shoes can be deceiving.  They can be comfy for a few minutes, then become unbearable. They can feel fine- until you’re walking on frozen concrete that sucks the heat from your always cold anyway- toes,  like a vampire sucks blood from an ingenue.

They can also be toasty warm and perfect until you get into the hospital where you’ll sit for hours with your feet are on fire and you are tempted to go barefoot so your pedicure won’t melt.

Where ever you’re walking today- I hope your feet are prepared.

Shoes are like life- sometimes you have to be willing to change in order to accommodate new terrain and weather.

I’ll be wearing boots and packing flats for surgery on Friday. Inconvenient? Yes. But more importantly- I’ll be comfortable.

There’s no point in making an already difficult situation HARDER.

Hmmmm… could be something to think about in other situations.

AM I making other choices that make things harder?

  • (Hint: YES.)
  • Like: forgetting to ask for help. (Or being to proud or stubborn to.)
  • Like thinking “Of course” I can add xyz to my schedule – only to realize that while a good and nice option- it may not be the right shoe for this season of my life…

What about you? Are you limping around in the wrong shoe at the wrong time? Maybe it’s time for a change.

I’ve been there- in shoes and life and I know it can be hard- but I also know that wearing the wrong shoes? Hurts.

Things I’ve had to change and adapt to in life:

  • Schooling options for my kids.
  • Budget stuff.
  • Cancer stuff and treatments.
  • Exercise stuff due to dumb body parts.
  • Ministry commitments.
  • Work commitments. (I haven’t done a home based business in years- but i did.)
  • School commitments.
  • Kid commitments. This week I hd to tell my youngest we have to reschedule his boys at the cottage weekend due to dad’s surgery. Part of me wanted to figure out how I could accomplish both- drive back and forth for wound care? It would be POSSIBLE. And stupid. and painful for everyone- really. Sometimes I have to say: No. After I’ve already said: Yes. I hate that.

10930540_10204480475424627_908504546929021769_nHow bout you?




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