Garbage Jenga— “winner” takes all …the trash out…

garbage jengaShoe boxes, sushi containers, empty coffee cans, paper towels with nefarious stains.  Empty milk bottles, dirty chopsticks and vaguely-recognizable foodstuffs.

Each object is precariously perched upon another. A leaning tower of garbage. A haz-mat situation in the kitchen.

Really? It’s a rousing family game of Garbage Jenga.

What started as a necessary kitchen garbage can, has become a family past-time. Each day’s game of Garbage Jenga offers a chance to win. The game grows through out the day, every family member adding to the tower, bit by garbage-y bit.  Each one quietly backing away from their last addition, afraid the vibration of their footsteps could lead to jenga-tastrophe.

The rules of the game are simple:  Whom ever placed the last item on the garbage pile prior to it’s toppling, is the tortured soul who must: (cue the ominous music) TAKE OUT THE TRASH.

It’s  amazing to see the engineering skills employed to reinforce the garbage tower.  Please note the turned up edge of the garbage bag that gives just enough support for items to be slipped into the sides without adding to the height. (It’s the height that gets them-every time.) I have explained countless times- that the energy exerted in reinforcements, arguing (about who’s turn it is) and studying garbage tower engineering is considerably more than what would be required to simply TAKE out the TRASH… but alas… they disagree.

And so- each day..the game begins anew.  An empty box- coffee grounds, a candy wrapper, a broken toy or *gasp* a pile of old schoolwork at a time…

Just one question?  Garbage Jenga- does this count towards our one million minutes of family game time?

I will refrain from describing the argument that ensues over who has to replace the garbage bag with a clean one…or who has to pick up the garbage that inevitably drops off the jenga pile and onto the kitchen floor as it’s being bagged.. Suffice to say, it’s not  pretty . Really- I have no clue why my extremely intelligent family seems to be incapable of taking out the trash without waiting for a trash-alanche or my (loud) complaints…. but there you have it- just another adventure in motherhood, you gotta laugh to survive 😉

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7 thoughts on “Garbage Jenga— “winner” takes all …the trash out…

  1. that is great! Cept I am too OCD with that to let that go on in my house…maybe with just the recycling…

  2. That is hilarious! I’m going to forward this to my mom bc this was exactly how our trash ALWAYS looked growing up…except she didn’t think it was a game 🙂 Love your sense of humor

  3. Carre- glad you liked it.. and I laugh so I don’t kill them…

    it’s therapeutic.

    I have 2 college aged boys at home… they take it out… but will stack it high before they do..

    and for the record.. I don’t always think it’s funy…. esp at certain times of the month.. or when the trash-alanche is messy…;)

  4. OH MY GOSH!! We have 6 kids and trash piles up faster than an episode of Phoebus and Ferb. That is, if it even makes it to the trash can. asking one of the kids to take it out to the trash can is like asking them to remove their toenails. we also live out in the middle of nowhere, so we get the treat of loading it all into either one of my trucks or our family van (aka Camp Pemelton Van) and head to our local trash dump, which in and of itself is enough to make you want to grow your own food and so as not to have to endure that fragrant fly infested utopia.

    Great blog!!

    p.s. I’m a “newbie” in the blogger-shere. would love your opinions!

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