Fat Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday- In Which I’m Working on Losing it- And For Once, It’s Not My Mind.

I’ve got a secret.

No, it’s not some huge moral failing or even another lame, yet poignant- parenting fail.

Ready? Here it is:

I’ve been counting calories and working out. *Gasp* I know, right?

There it is- I’m trying to take better care of this jacked up body and I’m hoping to lose some weight. We’re all sick of hearing me complain about it and not do anything. (At least, I am.)

My neck has healed up well enough to handle some indoor biking and a bit of light rowing. I am using technology to help. (Mostly because I love technology. It makes it more fun.) Since Christmas my daily accessory is a FitBit. I’m using both he FitBit Software and MyFitnessPal. 

Here’s my plan:

Eat breakfast. (Anything eaten before noon counts.)

Do some cardio everyday- preferably 30-45 minutes.

Stick within the recommended calorie counts and log everything I eat. (So far I’ve learned I’m pretty much depending on carbs for my calories… not very balanced. Working on that.)

That’s it.

I lost 9 pounds- then gained back 3 during a 7 day incident with steroids… (Stupid need to breathe.)

I’m weighing myself as little as possible. (I have scale issues.) I’m paying attention to how clothes fit. (As close to measuring as I’ll get.)

So. There. Now you know.

My question for you:

How do you take care of your self? Physically? Spiritually? Emotionally? Socially?

Love to hear your tips and tricks….

Unless they involve selling me something….

Justsayin. 😉

I see this as cleaning up the garbage in my body…. 😉 Pretty Much.