What not to say…..when the diagnosis is ….craptastic

I hate cancer. Between you and me? I think Jesus does, too. (That’s in the book of Tracey, or Zepha-somebody- go ahead, do a word search, you’ll find it, or not.)

Guess what? Nobody likes cancer- or any other craptastic diagnosis. It freaks us out and makes us say weird things. I know this, because 1) I’ve said weird things to people and 2) Since my husband’s diagnosis- people have said weird things to me. Things that make me say “Huh? Do you know how that sounds?” Which is not the same as things that make you go: “Hmmmm.” (Which may be culturally relevant- but inappropriate, and I’m leaving it in- because it’s funny.)

Today, Jon Acuff let me hijack his blog to talk about the weird things we say when the diagnosis is —-insert yours here—-craptastic. (How awesome is that?)

So go! Read it! And then, let’s talk! Stuff Christians Like

If you’ve landed here from John’s blog- I want to say: Welcome to my jungle.

It’s not a cancer blog. It’s a blog about life, and faith and mothering and the mess that can be. (Especially at my house. #justsayin)

I love: people, (especially mine, you know who you are, and yes, I do mean you!) mothering, God, ideas, photography and knitting. Not necessarily in that order.

I work with MOPS International as a Field Leader and on the Board of Directors. (I still can’t believe that;) MOPS is where I’ve learned that the reason I feel
like “I can’t do this mothering thing on my own” is because I’m not supposed to and I don’t have to. No mom does.

I’m in Denver right now, at a MOPS board meeting- but I’ll be over in the comments on John’s blog as soon as I’m done- I can’t wait to hear the weird things you’ve said- and heard!

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8 thoughts on “What not to say…..when the diagnosis is ….craptastic

  1. I popped over from Stuff Christians Like and have been browsing your blog for at least an hour. I’m no stranger to cancer…I have walked that journey with a friend this past year who was battling breast cancer (survivor party next month!!) and am now walking with a family at church whose 4 year old has brain cancer. This post made me remember my words are way less important than my ears and prayers. I love your blog and have added it to my blog roll (self-proclaimed blog ‘ho that I am!). I have an 11 year old daughter and a newly adopted 16 month old daughter from China. So, I too, am starting the motherhood journey over again and WOW it’s hard. Your stories give me encouragement that I can do it! Blog on!

  2. i’m a cancer survivor; 10 years since my diagnosis. the thing that really gets me is when people (especially people who know me) say things like “there is NOTHING worse than…” it frustrates and amuses me. i usually respond with, “cancer might be worse.” they usually feel pretty dumb, but thank me for it. 🙂

  3. I landed here from Jon Acuff’s blog and I thank you for writing this. We run a Cancer Support group at our church and I’d like to direct people on our website to your blog.

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