In Which I Tell a Lie, to Tell a Truth.

“I’m a writer.”

It makes my stomach churn to say it. It feels just  like  when I used to lie about my homework in junior high. (And elementary school. Okay- it may have happened a lot. Sorry, Mom.)

But, it’s not a lie. It’s the truth. It just feels like a lie.

I thought it would feel “true” when I saw my first byline. It didn’t. I thought it would feel true when I got my first contract. It didn’t. Then I thought maybe it would feel true when I deposited my first check…. Nope.

I’ve been thinking maybe it will feel true when I get a book contract. Or an agent. Or maybe when I hold my first *swoon* book.

But this week I’m stepping up to a challenge- one put out by Jeff Goins- 15 Habits of a Great Writer.

Today’s challenge: To declare it.

I write. I am a writer. It’s my passion to connect people to ideas and to each other. To live an authentic faith in word and action.

It’s not a lie.

I will say again:

I am a writer.

I have stories that must be told or my head will explode.

It’s how I think. It’s how I pray. It’s how I communicate and how I connect.

I am a writer.

I am a writer.

Maybe, if I keep saying it- I’ll stop feeling like it’s a lie.

Regardless- I’m writing it- therefore: it’s true.

What about you?

Are you a writer? A dancer? A Violinist? A pianist? An accountant? A doctor?

What is your dream? Your goal? Does it feel like a lie?

Maybe it’s time to declare it. To yourself.

Dear Lord- You my the depths f my heart and the layers of insecurity I have bound up in it. Please help me to peel them away and embrace all that I am in you. Amen.

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1 thought on “In Which I Tell a Lie, to Tell a Truth.

  1. Author Neil Gaiman said that, for the longest time, he felt like a fraud, and that any day, the police were going to come arrest him for impersonating an author. (If you haven’t seen his speech around the interwebs, you should watch it, as it’s possibly the most useful 20 minutes you’ll ever have in your life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikAb-NYkseI)

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