Home away from home…..where is yours?

“wheeeeeeeee!” I didn’t have to open my eyes to see, I know we are almost there.

For years we’ve made the same drive. And for years, a little voice from the back seat has yelled “wheee!” when we get to the rolling hills just outside of Traverse City, Michigan that signal our arrival.

Next, comes the first peek at the blue water. from the top of the last hill, we can see the expanse of fresh water that stretches across the horizon like a hidden ocean. For years, my heart has started to race when I see the first blue sliver, between the trees.

Every year, my eyes fill with tears when my feet hit the sand, and everything in me says: “Ahhhhh, we’re home.” when my toes hit the water.

Maybe it’s because I love the beach. Maybe, it’s the memories of nearly two decades of weeks spent here. Maybe it’s the time to connect with family and build more memories. maybe it’s seeing my mom and stepdad loving their grandparentness with all their hearts.

Or maybe, it’s a combination of all of the above- that makes this is our home away from home.

Whatever it is…. I savor it. And I am here. In my home away from home, on the beach. What could be better than that?


have you ever felt that home away from home feeling?

where is it?

what do you think makes you feel so at ease there?

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2 thoughts on “Home away from home…..where is yours?

  1. My home away from home is Nashville. From my first visit I knew I was coming home to a place I had never lived before. I’m at peace, love the history, the music and the slow southern style. It’s where I belong. Gone to Nashville in my mind!

  2. My grandma had a place on the Muskegon River in Stanwood. I spent many, many summer weekends there, and even lived with her there a whole summer when I was about 12 or 13. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I woke to the sound of Mourning Doves one morning after having not been here for about 6 years. My whole body relaxed at the sound as I enjoyed the early morning stillness. Some mornings, the river looks like a sheet of glass, and it’s all I can do to hold myself back from stepping out onto it. I just spent 5 days up there with my mom, who now owns it since Grandma passed. My mornings are now filled with chattering kids and demands for breakfast, but it’s still home to me.

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