Ultimate Blog Party!

Party?  And I didn’t have to clean?  Excellent.


I’m  Tracey Solomon- Freelance writer, Wife of Kyle, Mom of 3 boys- Mike-20, Matt-17, Noah-8.

(It’s all about spacing:P)

I love mothering- and connecting with moms of all kinds…I have worked with MOPS International for 20 years, and love to see moms connect with each other and ideas.

I follow Jesus, but have a hard time keeping up:)

Take a peek around.. some things are silly- some serious. The tops posts are in the sidebar… but you may also want to search- garbage Jenga… Microwave cleaning… or how Curious George saved my kids life…

What you see here is what you get.. however be forewarned- I am two faced-

One with and one without makeup.

Hang around long enough you’ll get to see both!

To read more of my writing check out the “find me in print” tab at the top.

To read what I think about clothing designers- search “get a clue”- or nipple-less mannequins….

Thnx for coming by!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

8 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party!

  1. Tammy- glad you stopped by! I think Im the original Christian Idiot… If Simon Cowell were the host instead of Jesus- I’d have been off the “show” long ago;)

    welcome;) and while I don’t have more questions than answers.. it you search “devotions” you can see a bit of what my following is like:)

    praying for you– and LOVE your pooches!

  2. Stopping by through the UBP and just loved your heading. I am a mother of five boys and I know the lockroom smell to well, since all were also athletic. I have six children ranging in ages 26 to 4, so I so know that spacing thing. LOL
    I will be back to drop in again.

  3. Nice to “meet” you!

    You have three boys…I have four!

    I really liked “When She becomes We.”

    Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

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