A Mile in her Shoes-Work At Home Mom- Double Booked, I think.

“That can’t be right.” I said to the calendar, mocking me from it’s place of honor on the fridge.

I double checked.

It was. *Sigh.* I’m not sure how I managed to do it.  I’m leaning towards blaming Apple for a syncing problem, how’s that?  I have one appointment on the house calendar and one in my iPhone- for the same day.

I am double booked for next Friday.  Speaking (On Loving Your Strong Willed Child ) and Second Grad Math Mom, in my youngest son’s class.

When I really looked at the appointments, (Skimming can cause undue panic- will I ever learn, that?) I discovered they don’t overlap.  This time. It hasn’t always ended so well.

As a Work From Home Mom, I am on the short list for the school to call.  I get calls to help with parties, to purchase and organize crafts and snacks and yes, to help with math explorations. I don’t just get the calls, I’m expected to do it. Don’t get me wrong,I want to be involved.  I also have other commitments. Like speaking,  meeting deadlines and writing. I can’t do it all. Sometimes I have to say “No.”

Saying “No.” in itself,  is hard.  People make it even harder. I hear things like: “Oh- I thought you were at home?” Or “But, you’re home during the day, right?” Sometimes it’s just a look. A look that communicates the same thing or worse.

I  thought that being a Work From Home mom- would be the perfect answer for mothering. I’d always be there for my kids and always be able to do my job.  It’s not. Sometimes, I have to leave a sick kid with his older brother, because I’m the scheduled speaker.

Sometimes, I can’t have three 7 year olds running through the house- even if it is midwinter break.  I have a book proposal to complete.  (Second graders playing hide and seek, while I write  are a challenge even for this Multi-Tasking-ADD Queen.)  I can’t do it all.

I can do what needs to be done.  I am.

Work From Home Moms-

  • Do you sometimes feel guilt tripped because you can’t do it all?
  • Do others always respect your schedule?
  • Have you ever found yourself double booked?  What did you do?
  • What kinds of things do you have to say “No” to?
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5 thoughts on “A Mile in her Shoes-Work At Home Mom- Double Booked, I think.

  1. I am trying to become a work from home mom, rather than “just” a stay at home homeschooling mom. I struggle with guilt. Can I ask my family to give me time to write? Is that fair? Or do I need to wait until they all leave the nest before I get to what I am called to do?

    Stepping out of the boat and trying not to tip it!

  2. Karen- I totally understand. With writing, it’s especially difficult, because there may or may NOT be a financial benefit for my family. Writing is a risky business. The guilt over my family’s sacrifices for me to write can be overwhelming.

    I’ll be praying as you seek to find Gods timing and will for your family- and that if it’s time to step out of the boat, he’ll hold it steady- (as he always has:)

    love ts

  3. I totally hear you on this. I run a family daycare 3 days/week & the utter jealousy I get from people who work outside the home is ridiculous. People simply have no concept of what it is like to raise children 24/7 & balance working at home. There is a great article by Carolyn Hax here http://tinyurl.com/momtime

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