Mommy Myth Busting Day’s 4&5 Working for the Weekend?

Barking. Saturday morning, I woke up to barking.

At 7:00 am.

I suppose in comparison to the 5:15 am, I’ve been getting up at, this was sleeping in. Kind of. But, I prefer the alarm to barking. thank you. .

Mommy Myth Busting days 4&5 showed me weekends mean something different to me as a working mom.

Typically, I get everything possible,  done during the week. That way,  the weekend is scheduled “down time” with my family.  Of course, I still do laundry and dishes, child keeping (Child keeping. I like it. It sounds much more Martha Stewart-like than saying “nail trimming, backpack checking and homework supervision etc) but that’s the bulk of my weekend “work” as a SAHM.

Not so much, this week.

As a working mom, I spent the weekend playing “catch up.” Vacuuming, loads of laundry, clutter patrol. (I swear stuff, moves on its own. And for some reason it all migrates to the same two places: the kitchen counter and the kitchen table. Maybe it’s some mystical vortex of mothering. I don’t know.)  This topped off other random errands. None of which were fun. We did carve out a few hours Saturday night for a movie and dinner date night.  But honestly?  I was wishing for my jammies and slippers the whole time.

I grocery shopped on Sunday. (I’d rather remove my leg hair with a blow torch- than grocery shop on  Sunday… not really related.. but both are equally painful and necessary.)

I battled the temptation to stay home from church this morning. I wanted to relax. Even the idea of getting everyone ready and out the door was overwhelming.

We didn’t.  I’m glad.  But I’m also: exhausted.

I forgot how much you have to cram into a weekend when you’re working all week.


It’s now five minutes to Superbowl time and I’m looking forward to zoning out, while the guys worry about the end zone.. (It counts as family time- right?)

Things that were different this weekend:

I needed to get my nails fixed, but didn’t want to take time away form the guys. I put it off.

The laundry is mocking me and pressuring me.  (Yes, it’s personal.) I will soon, cave to its pressure-(yet again).   If I don’t, it could haunt me as part of the scenery and rogue killers in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, which would have also been inspired by our seeing “The Book Of Eli” on date night.  You know.. Dirty laundry also kind of looks like a pile of Zombies laying in wait to attack. Just sayin.

The grocery store was out of stock of everything but fruit snacks and tampons.  I swear 2 women were about to throw down over the last box of Mac and Cheese.  It’s wasn’t even THE BLUE BOX. It was store brand. Those girls were desperate. (Well, maybe I hallucinated that scene, due to exhaustion. Not sure.)

Things that were not different this weekend:

It was too short.

And that is Mommy Myth Busting Days 4 & 5…

Off to ignore a football game- more soon!

Questions for YOU:

Working moms:

  1. What are your weekends like?
  2. What do you “let go of” during the week, only to have to do double duty on the weekend?
  3. What (home/child keeping) things do you get accomplished during the week?
  4. Anything else I need to know?  Tell me girls!.. I’m tired– but listening!
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1 thought on “Mommy Myth Busting Day’s 4&5 Working for the Weekend?

  1. 1. It depends. Probably two weekends a month are super-cleaning weekends. The rest of the weekends are pretty laid back with time to just chillax and re-energize (and I don’t care what the house looks like). Sundays are always busy days for us. My husband is filling the pulpit while our church is without a pastor, so Sunday mornings are early mornings for us. Then, the afternoon is spent getting ready to host our small group in the evening.

    I try to be intentional with the time I do have at home with my kids. Friday nights are now family game nights. Saturdays I try and find something fun for us to do together at least once a month.

    2. a. Laundry b. cleaning c. kid time d. baking/cooking e. time with girlfriends (only happens once a month or so)

    3. I really try to do some cleaning and laundry during the week. I’ve tried adjusting my cleaning schedule to meld with my work schedule, but I’m still struggling to make it work.

    We have implemented chore lists and jobs for the kids to do after homework is completed. This helps build a work ethic in them and helps me stay more on top of things at home.

    4. I find myself reminding our family members that we are a team and that understanding is vital to our survival. We need to help each other accomplish the to-do lists together. Otherwise, nothing will ever be finished. I can see this ideology slowing taking shape in my children. They are more willing to help each other out than they used to be.

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