Wii Fit- Day 21


Today I’m guest blogging at “Cool Mom Guide- for Fitness Friday!”

Things I’ve learned (the hard way) in the three short weeks I’ve been working out on my Wii-Fit:

1) Running in place, really can make you sweat. (Who knew?)

2) Yoga is both harder and better than it looks. With practice, it really does feel amazing.  (I rock the Warrior Pose- but don’t ask about the Tree Pose- I’m more tree-frog, than tree like, but I’m getting there!)

3) Your bra is a fine place to hold the wii-mote while you work out.  Just don’t let your kids see you with it tucked in there.  (“EEEW, MOM BOOBS” They will declare they need a new wii-mote, and maybe therapy.  Also: make sure to remove it before answering the doorbell, or the UPS guy will be wondering what you had tucked in there all day long.

4) If you run enough Island laps and then try to run outside, you risk becoming hopelessly lost.  You will not be able to find  dogs or people with yellow arrows over their heads to follow.   Stay inside, it’s safer.

5) You can argue about your “scoliosis” all you want, the wii-fit will still  make you work on your center of balance. (Whining: ” I can’t help it,  I AM CROOKED!” Does not work. Besides, the core strengthening does is great for scoliosis!)

6) You can entertain your kids with the snap, crackle and pop of your joints for the first few days you work out.  “Mom, was that your ankle? WOW, that was LOUD.”  They will be endlessly amused. Caution: they may also try to knock you over while doing the tree pose- keep alert.

7) You should not laugh out loud when your husband does the wii- hula hoop… even it you are sitting behind him. And, don’t even bother thinking about making a you-tube video.. pay backs…well, he’d get you back.  You don’t want your wii-mote in the bra-yoga poses on you-tube, now, do you?

8) Calling the Wii names when your body test calls you obese, is not going to help. (I  may have done it anyway, several times, actually. ) Let the frustration motivate change.  Oh, and don’t hide from the wii… that won’t help either.)

9)  If your toes suddenly go numb during ‘step aerobics” don’t call 911 – check to see if your shoes are too tight. Loosen them. 

10) Deciding to do your “free run” as laps in the living-room may not be a great idea.  You could end up thinking you’re having a stroke from the dizzy-ness.. (unless you have a living room the size of a track…I apparently, do not.)

I am new to this journey- only 3 weeks in.  But, I’m thrilled to report that my endurance is growing (I’m up to 3, 10 minute runs + yoga each day!) and my backside is shrinking.  I cannot wait until the wii stops using the “O” word anymore.. (Not THAT “O” word- the “obese” one!)  I  have more energy and I’m feeling motivated to nourish my body instead of starving and stuffing it. 

I have even set myself a fitness goal:  I want to run a 5 k race this summer! Yes- OUTSIDE.. sans the yellow arrows and dogs to follow…..  I think I can do it!

I have a long way to go, but I’ve taken the first steps, and I am learning a lot in the process!  

Mostly- the hard way of course- but that’s my style.

What have you learned since beginning your fitness journey?  We’d love to hear it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Wii Fit- Day 21

  1. I totally agree! Nothing like the little Fit Board in that light, barely audible voice saying “that’s obese” and the dumb thing going, How are you, did you know it’s been __ days since you were last on? Working out everyday will help you achieve your goals!
    (lose 20 lbs, the greatest amount it will allow me!)
    I’d have to admit though, I am totally hooked on the hula hoop- up to the 10 minutes, also a total addict to the balance games, thighs there you are! Happy Body Testing!

  2. Oookay, hadn’t tried the remote-in-the-bra, but then I don’t do the run so much. I prefer the advanced step (with arm movements) and 10-minute hula hoop workout. Plus I live on an upper floor in an apartment so I feel guilty trotting in place haha.

    This was an awesome post! So funny! 🙂 I rock the warrior pose, too, but the tree pose is really hard (I’m more like a tree in the wind).

  3. Great post Tracey! So… #9… you don’t wear shoes on your balance board do you?
    Or was that just humor??
    Anyway… try wearing a fannypack when you don’t have pockets… I think stuffing my bra would be pretty uncomfortable.. ha
    Anyway… thanks for being you!

  4. Maggie– nah was being silly- toes actualy did go numb- but I was running:) not on the board.. wanted to work in the step aerobics– even thought I hate them:)

    but shhh don’t tell anyone.

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