Dear US Government: The answer to the Automotive Crisis AND the Economic Crisis is simple…

The government should buy an American made car for every family.  (Or- secure low cost car loans….either way- A shout out to Hoover’s chicken in every pot and a car in every garage)

This would:

1) Keep Automotive workers working.

2) Provide income for auto manufacturers which would protect jobs and help with the pension/insurance issue.

3) Free up income on a monthly basis (saved from household budgets for car payments) to be spent in the US economy. (a gift that keeps on giving) Which would in turn save more jobs.

4) Assure transportation to currently held jobs and provide further economic stability.

5) Help families primarily and immediately as opposed to helping giant corporations in good faith that they would in turn eventually help families.

We could start with the models already on car lots….there seem to be plenty.  How many cars could be bought at cost for the amount of money an automotive bailout would cost? 

In case the government is listening:

I’m not picky about make model or color… however, I do have an affinity for deep shades of red, and once saw a beautiful copper colored car....I’m pretty sure we could make this work… maybe we need to start a .org to get this rolling????

Besides- there is something wrong with the transmission on my truck…. I could really use a new vehicle that fits my family of 5- 3 of which are adult sized males and one who still needs a carseat…..

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3 thoughts on “Dear US Government: The answer to the Automotive Crisis AND the Economic Crisis is simple…

  1. Honey, I agree with you and it is a really good thought. But, our government wouldn’t think twice about it for a couple of reasons.
    1) First, it would be helping the American Taxpayers, which they are against.
    2)Second, they couldn’t get their large contributions for their campaigns…if these companies fail. They know the American Taxpayers won’t put that much up there for them.
    Do I really need to say more???

  2. That may be all you have left for yourself dear, is to dream. But one thing is for sure, our Fuc_ing government can’t take that away from us.
    Please do visit my site and check out some of the suggestions that I put out there for everyone to think about.
    Did you call Sen. Frank’s office (the one who is writing the bill right now to bailout the auto industry)? Did you call Nancy Pelosi’s office like I asked people to flood their offices today showing your disapproval of this new bailout plan??? I posted their phone numbers on my site…under Barney Frank’s at it again.

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