There are no popsicles in h*ll.

Youngest child:  “MOMMY! I want a popsicle!”

Mommy:  “No, it’s almost time for dinner.”

Youngest child: “I will eat my dinner-I promise! – I’m STARVING for a popsicle.”

Mommy:  “I said, NO.”

Youngest child: “PLEEEEEEASE?”  (voice pitch rising to a whine that only dogs can hear level…)

Mommy: “You can have one after dinner, not now.”

Youngest Child:  “MOMMY, I NEED a popsicle!”

Mommy: “If you ask me again- you won’t get any after dinner, either.”

Youngest child. Arms crossed. Brows furrowed. “You are the devil”.

I’ve been a mom for over 18 years I thought I’d heard it all…. I’ve been called a lot of things.. but really now, The Devil?  Hilarious. Told you- there are no popsicles in h*ll, because apparently I am the devil and do not allow them. 

Mental note- Next week buy nasty tasting sugar free popsicles…. that’ll teach him.

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4 thoughts on “There are no popsicles in h*ll.

  1. This is just further proof of what a good job you’re doing as a mother. If your child thinks you’re his/her best friend, then you’re in a heap of trouble!

  2. I can give you my mum’s secret recipe for homemade sour orange juice and yogourt popsicles if you like. Emphasis on the sour orange juice that tasted kinda like she added baking soda to the OJ.

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