Kauni Eye Candy, Amy Singer and a Paton’s Street Smart Giveaway!

giveawayJoann’s Etc..  You just never know what you’ll find.  This weekend I found a couple of copies of Paton’s Street Smart Booklet– which has been made both famous- and hard to find due to certain bloggers making the sweaters just so irresistible!  It contains the secrets of both the Urban Aran and Must Have Cardigan….. If you’re a knitter… you WANT this booklet. 

As a little thank you to all the knit bloggers/ravelry members that stop by- I’ll be giving away one copy!  All you need to do to enter, is leave a comment anywhere on my blog… Also— if you’re a Ravelry member— and can’t- don’t, won’t set up a wordpress account to comment— go ahead- PM me a comment about something on my blog…and I’ll enter you;) 

I am TraceyinMichigan on Ravelry;)

While my family is still sick– (poor hubby was down all weekend… ) I had a rather nice knitting content weekend.  (Not much else to do) Yesterday- I went to the Ann Arbor Library- to see— the Knitty Queen! Amy Singer.    Amy gave a terrific presentation on fiber alternatives to wool- based on her book- “No Sheep For You”

The presentation was both educational and delightful. Amy brought the swatches from the book- as well as a number of FO’s.   Yummy to touch;) Pretty to see. While I was there- I picked up a copy of the book co-written by the wonderful- Jillian Moreno“Big Girl Knits.”  I know- I know WAY late to this party— but I finally got it;) I read nearly the entire thing last night!  The patterns are brilliant- the writing was enjoyable AND informative.   This book will make it possible for me to knit things to fit, and flatter! 😉 (There’s a thought;) Black Sheep Guild and Amy

“More Big Girl Knits” will be out in April— and I’ve already pre-ordered my copy. 

Here’s a pic of a delightful group- The Black Sheep Knitting Guild  .  They let me tag along for much of the day;) A great group- which I’m hoping to join….;)

While I was at the Library- there was much oooing and ahhing over my WIP- the Autumn Cardigan by Ruth Sorenson.  

Kauni Cardi progress shot

Here’s a close up shot of the corrugated ribbing… It’s rainbow- colors are amazing! I ordered the yarn online- at “Little Knits” .

I finished up the afternoon- at “The Blue Nile” in Ann Arbor- with “AsKatKnits”  and a friend of hers… crap— I can’t remember…her name…will link or fix- when someone reminds me.  Anyway- food was great (My first Ethiopian feast 🙂 I had a lame moment where I nearly spit iced tea across the table… Tasted super strong…. Dad’s a recovering addict– so ummm I don’t temp fate by drinking alcohol  — I nearly spit.  (The gene pool in that area has a current I don’t want to try to swim against;) But—it wasn’t boozy after all… it was GINGER.  I win the dork crown;)  

You know- I would KILL my kids if they asked to go to some event they heard about online… with people they met online…. and then to dinner with people they met ONLINE…. but Knitters?  They’re a great bunch;) If there’s a knitting event near you— I’m telling you– GO.. Meet people….. Touch their knitting…. Talk…. Life is meant to be shared.  DO it. 

Here- YarnHarlots new book is coming out and she’ll be on tour— start with a Harlot Event- there’s bound to be someone you can connect with!   Ps– I think Harlot needs to start selling tour t-shirts…. with yarn and shop logos all over it— could be a fund raiser for Knitters Without Borders😉 Just sayin’.

So- leave a comment- send a Ravelry PM….enter the contest…. you know you want to. 

one more pic;) Couldn't resist
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28 thoughts on “Kauni Eye Candy, Amy Singer and a Paton’s Street Smart Giveaway!

  1. Your Autumn Cardi looks great, I love the colours. I hung out with some knitters and fellow ravellers this weekend and I too would have a fit if my kids wanted to do something similar ;0)

  2. Woo-hoo. Got my username, signing up for the drawing.

    Rav name same as user name here, “SwankyKnitter”

  3. I can’t remember my wordpress login so I have to use my cat’s. hahah how sad am I. You are very generous for picking up that extra copy and giving it away! My ravelry name is not in my cat’s name, but my own which is n0nnahs. =)

    I’d also like to say how nice your Kauni is knitting up! I like the longer patches of colour versus the others I’ve seen with that boxy pattern.

  4. How fun!! Count me in. I am duncks on ravelry. *goes and tinkers with the random name puller doo hickey*

  5. Oh Traci, I love the cardi! YOU GO GIRL! I would love the booklet too, I hope I win… winning is good when you have no income! LOL I always used to say I never win anything but I can’t say that any more. I hope my luck continues and if you need any help with the Kauni holler. YOU GO GIRL (((huggles))) Wen

  6. I loved seeing Amy last year when she was here in Mn.

    I am so glad you enjoyed it as well.

    My rav name is Cmazzio


  7. Hi! I’m quite enamored of the Must Have Cardi that a certain enabling blogger/author/knitter extraordinaire knit recently. It’s not like I don’t already have fifty million things lined up….but I found your blog through Ravelry (I’m spesavento) and I really enjoyed reading your microwave battle – last night I had to scrub down a grody high chair…it was epic…….

    Thanks for the contest!!!

  8. very nice progress so far on the Kauni! Sorry I missed you all in Ann Arbor yesterday, but I’ll definitely be there when Ms. Harlot comes next month 🙂

  9. Man…I need to meet up with some local knitters. I’m aDayInTheLife on Ravelry. Put me in for the Street Smart booklet.

  10. I think I’m already in, but just in case. . . no, i’m not stumping for double dipping! Thanks!!!

  11. Love the idea of a giveaway! How lovely of you. By the way, I have actually avoided cleaning my microwave for 1 1/2 years. Do you think this is a record?

  12. The Must Have Cardi! Must Have it NOW!

    Your comments on the “when is Knitty published” thread have been amusing me all morning. Seasonal Affective Disorder! I do hope the family gets more than Ramen this month, or would that mean that the patterns weren’t all of the “make me now” nature? On the other hand, let them eat Ramen!


  13. Hi! Please put me in for Street Smart- I’ve (like everyone else) been looking for that for months-love those patterns! Over on Ravelry I’m Lambhair

  14. Hm yes, I had that booklet and then stupidly swapped it for yarn and now I want it back!! Please pick me!

    Also I am “caflygrl” on Rav. We are all so original with our names right??

  15. I love the cardigan. The colors are beautiful!!! I also loved reading about all the fun you had. It makes me wish I lived somewhere bigger with more knitting events.

  16. Can I just say, I LOVE the colors of the ribbing! And I’m all over the giveaway! I think my Ravelry name is the same…

    The ginger story made me laugh!

  17. I frequent Joann’s and like you said you never know what you might find. I also love the cardigan. My ravelry name is MissMartha — real simple!

  18. Just found your blog while searching online for the Patons Street Smart booklet because I REALLY want to try that Must Have Cardigan. While I was here I decided to read around a bit and learn about you. Great Blog! I love the Harlot and read her regularly. Your blog looks great and I will add it to my list of regulars.

    I love how knitters are so open to meeting online or in person fellow knitters! YEAH!

  19. I love your WIP, guessing it’s a basket/bowl for your knitting. I am kind of a bowl/basket freak and enjoy knitting (and felting them) as well. Here is my entry – Cost of my 1st knitting lesson-$15.00. Cost of yarn I have bought since then-not sure but I bet my DH could give you the exact amount!! Cost of dicovering Ravalry and being able to enter cool contests like yours-priceless. Thanks for reading my comment

  20. Ann Arbor – I was there for grad school. Still have lots of friends there, and did a bit of knitting there to (though it’s been years).

    Lovely knitting!

    What a great contest. Ravelry is fantastic – I’ve learned so much and have found so many new things there, like this. Here’s my ravelry username: rosmarina.

  21. I already have the patons book…and yep, I was drawn in by all the cute sweaters I saw on various blogs. I especially liked the “Must Have Sweater”… I started knitting it today, though and I am at an empasse. I’m an experienced knitter, but I can’t seem to get past the first row! No matter how many times I do it, I come out with 4 extra stitches at the end of the row. Can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

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