Red Ribbons and Chocolate milk. Why they can make me cry.

chocolate milk aids ribbonThe teens were in the front room.  I could hear them killing headless pigs on Runescape…..I made my way through the room to check on them, aggravate them a bit, and pick up in there.  Next to the middle guys laptop, was a red ribbon.  Perfectly twisted and pierced with a pin. 

Boys don’t generally have ribbons. “What’s the ribbon from?” Ready for whatever random answer was about to come…. wondering if a cute girl was involved and somewhat irritated by it and the bowl with ramen noodle residue and assorted wrappers also being left on the coffee table.

Without so much as a glance up from wood chopping (another runescape thing- which I absolutely do not find fun in the slightest….) he answered “Oh- I didn’t buy chocolate milk today- instead- I bought that- they were selling those for Aids research at lunch…….”

I had to leave the room.  (ok- in full disclosure- it is getting close to my period—- but- my boy sacrificed his beloved chocolate milk for others. *sniff* I love that kid.)

That boy drinks chocolate milk for lunch every single day.  He loves it.  And- If there is world championship for “getting the most for teenage dollars” This kid would be the champ. He budgets and plans his lunch money spending for the week……and instead- he donated it to Aids research.

For once- I didn’t nag about the ramen noodle bowl. 

 I want to be like my kid when I grow up.    (well- except for the whole killing headless pig things- and virtual wood chopping…..not so much wiht that)

In honor of chocolate milk giving—- I’m going to check into getting involved with this the global P.E.A.C.E. plan… what are you doing about aids?

 Dear Lord- I pray that you’d continue to grow my guys in compassion and generosity, I love you Lord- and thank you for them all. amen-

knitting update- Flower Basket shawl- is on pattern repeat 5:

flower basket shawl update

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2 thoughts on “Red Ribbons and Chocolate milk. Why they can make me cry.

  1. Tracey,
    Saw your post on the Harlot’s site about the milk money. I totally weep in sympathy for you. I have a girl and a guy…he is 13. She is daily generous with her time, money and good heart. HE is a pain in my behind on a minute by minute basis (and has been so since day one) When he was abou 8 he donated all he had saved up from his birthday to a friend who had had a house fire. The friend’s mom refused to take it but cried her eyes out and told me what a great friend he had been to her son – being good to him, making him laugh and making sure people didn’t keep asking her son about the fire every moment at school (the family and pets were fine but they literally walked out of the house with the clothes on their backs…and no insurance). When he was 10 we did the diabetes walk with a dear little friend of ours and he gave up $70.00 of his own volition(all he had in the world). He is a notorious grouch at home and tightwad everywhere. He is unusually kind to tiny little kids we meet here and there too.

    Good job, Tracey. Keep patting him on the head even if he is taller than you are and telling him he is good. Mine just came in here still stinky after a shower and escaped a screech-fest since I am feeling all smushy in his direction.


  2. That’s really nice. I love those times when I feel that powerful, unexpected awe at my sons’ choices.
    You sound like a nice Mum. 🙂

    Oh, and your knitting is GORGEOUS!

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