MOPS International Convention Time!

Drawing 4,000 Moms From Across U.S. and Beyond, MOPS International Convention Visits Orlando, Sept. 20 – 22, 2007

The kitchen is clean. The laundry is done… (in theory, anyways) The fridge is stocked- packing is in progress. Why? Because I leave in the morning for MOPS International Convention! You can click the link above to see the press-release. I’m looking forward to a wonderful busy and filling time in Orlando.

I’ve been involved in MOPS for 17 + years (since my oldest now nearly 18! was just a few months old) I began as a MOPPET Coordinator where I organized and planned activities for around 100 children. Following that season of leadership, I became MOPS Coordinator of our local group. I Coordinated a group of incredible leaders for a number of years. Then- God called me in a whole diferent direction- to be a MOPS Mentor.

Next- God called me to Field Leadership- yet another level of challenge! In Field Leadership- as a Council Coordinator, I’ve been focused on building the leaders in our local area. At the end of August- I accepted a new role in Field Leadership- as a Ministry Advancement Coordinator.

It will now be my responsibility to help our area build awareness, and build more groups. I’m excited- and anxious. Change is difficult- but od has called and quipped me every step of the way… so now we’re heading down this new path together.

I guess- if you asked me what is it about MOPS that tugs at the deepest level of my heart- I’d have to say- it’s because I see each MOPS groups as a safe haven for Moms. A place to stretch and grow and make mistakes. A place to be accepted and loved. A place to find and grow in God and find yourself, in God.

What does MOPS look like? Well- MOPS looks very different in different places. Sure- there are soccer-mom groups- 😉 But there are also inner city groups- and military groups and international groups and groups that meet on work sites and groups for Teen- Mom’s, and groups that meet in prisons.

MOPS Convention is a time where Mom’s of all sorts come together- to worship, to learn, to goof around…and to learn enjoy all the different types of Moms that God has created.

If you asked what a “typical” MOPS Mom looked like- I couldn’t answer. She may be African American, Hispanic, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Australian, Catholic, Baptist, Non- Denominational, Lutheran, Methodist… or something all together different.

A MOPS Mom may look like me- or like you. She may be married, single, divorced, widowed, (does anyone use that word anymore?) a mom of multiples- an adoptive /forever Mom, a homeschool Mom, a Public School Mom. A MOPS Mom may have long hair, short hair- or no hair. She may wear make-up or not. She might be tatooed and or pierced. She may be older- she might be younger. She may have preschoolers AND teenagers. 😉 She may be a step parent- or a legal guardian.

In the end- I’d have to say- she’s a Preschool Mom.

And this- week- around 4,000 of them will be in Florida- learning to be a better mom- and where the next step in her journey with God may lead… will you pray for us? Thnx;)

MOPS International- Mothers Of Preschoolers.

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  1. What an amazing time! it’s fun to run across other MOPS bloggers. Loved you post about the shoes. So true. Also, it’s encouraging to see you’ve been involved for over 17 years! That says a lot about the ministry.

    Weren’t Matt Redman and Sara Groves awesome?

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