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In which I admit my in-eptitude at the laundro-mat

I walked in lugging 100 pounds of dirty, sopping wet laundry. I was NOT happy.

My washer (less than 1 yr old front loader…under warranty waiting for repair) croaked. It just stopped draining. It left a huge load of dripping wet back to school laundry. Sears can’t make it out to repair it until September 10th!!!! That’s a week of no laundry for a family of 5.

That’s not gonna work- I do laundry every day. So I headed for the first trip to the laundro-mat before the clothes turned musty. I went straight for the biggest machines I could find. I figured I ‘d do fewer loads and get out of there asap. Maybe, maybe not.

A few things I learned at the laundro-mat:

1) Only the pinkest- laciest or racey-est underwear will fall on the floor at the laundromat. The granny panties and size xl boxer briefs will stay neatly in the basket.

2) The washing machines are just tall enough to make you stand on a stool to reach the detergent dispenser- this is to make you fall down in public. Don’t fall for it- stand your ground. Use the normal washers- they’re safer, although- you will have to do more loads. It’s worth it- trust me.

3) The dryers lie. The sign says .25 what it doesn’t tell you is that it will cost you 1000 x .25 to dry your towels. (well- something like that) about the cost of a new washer- I think.

4) Bring dryer sheets- I never did figure out how to add fabric softner.

5) Men at laundro-mats are there for more than laundering purposes. Wear your i-pod and look pmsy- alternatively- wave your husband’s huge boxer-briefs like a flag- they’ll look at you funny- but they’ll leave you be.

6) There are lots of lonely elderly people at the laundro-mat- smile and talk to them- even if they can’t hear you over the noise– at least they get to see a smiling friendly face.

7) Bring fluids- the heat will kill you.

I think I’ll see if calling Sears as a crying lunatic mother of three who’s leaving for vacation in a few days will get them here faster. If not- I’m thinking about picketing. Or suing. Or I suppose- heading back to the laundro-mat- at least now I’ll be prepared.

DO you have any laundro-mat tips or tricks? Put em in the comments;)

Lord know’s I need all the help I can get.

7 thoughts on “In which I admit my in-eptitude at the laundro-mat

  1. You poor baby! I can’t imagine going to the laundry mat! I would have camped out at a friends house before doing that! Erm, you could always bring your knitting! *grin* I tracked the package with your goodies in it thats on its way to me and I should have it Thursday or Friday. That means I’ll have a box on its way to you on Saturday 9-8 or so! Just think about that box… ignore the strange men!

    Your secret pal!

  2. If you have a selection of laundry mats in your area, scope them out. Different ones attract different sorts of people. MAybe opt for one in the nicest part of town.

    I’ve been know to avoid the ‘mat all together by going to friends, but that was before I had kids and staying all evening at someone else’s house was an option.

    You could also encourage your boys to be neat and make fewer dirty clothes? (Or would that be less…)

    Hang in there! This too shall pass.

    My dryer has been resetting itself and randomly beeping. I haven’t called Sears yet because it’s out of warranty, it still dries things and I can’t afford the service call, let alone the repair! It even beeps when it’s not turned on or running. And it turns itself on, just the display, not the actual clothes drying part. So, not a fire hazard, yet…

    Can you imagine washing all that laundry by hand in the stream like the pioneers? 😉

  3. SP- In a word- Squee!

    Jennifer- great tips! I’ll be hanging out at the mat again tonight- really not a big deal- just an interesting and funny experience;)

    As for BOYS being NEATER… that, my dear- was hilarious! I’m somewhere between teenagers who use towels for each part of their body- an a little guy who ca’t eat without dropping ketchup or yogurt down his front;)

    As for washing laundry in a stream… oh my word- I’m so thankful for the laundry mat! Good point!;)

  4. For fabric softener, you probably need a Downy Ball. Or, you can wait until the rinse cycle and add it manually.

    Hope Sears can get to you soon!

  5. Bring some roller skates. My friends and I roller skated around the laundromat as our clothes washed and dried. We were in college at the time and the weirdos thought we were weird, leaving us alone.

  6. Geez, you always have unusual stuff happen right before a vacation. hmmmm, wonder what stories you will have for camping???

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