Well. Maybe not. And Ravelry revelrie (I know.. I spelled it wrong….)

Just a fly-by blog update.

My post is up at “Laced With Grace” Find out what find out about one-sided hide and seek.

Prayer request:

My Grandma is in the hospital, chest pains abnormal EKG after a diagnostic thing… I found out “through the grapevine” (complicated, complicated) please pray for her and for the family. (my complicated, complicated family)

Knitting… another Chevron…. oh my word I’m SO the daughter of a recovering addict.
At least its chevrons.. could be worse. Fleece Artist Seawool (lt pink) and Kigu KPPPM darker pink variegate. YUM. Better pic later- was updating stash for Ravelry taking loads of pics… when the sun met with a cloud collision;) just as I was taking this one.
Don’t forget soltrcy on ravelry. Oh, did I mention I got my invite for RAVELRY????

3 thoughts on “Well. Maybe not. And Ravelry revelrie (I know.. I spelled it wrong….)

  1. Kim says:

    Well Hello!!

    Thank you so much for all the encouragement you have given me in my podcast infancy. You have put a smile on my face more than one time. I am in the process of getting ready to record episode 3
    “You Getting to Know Me” I so listed you as a friend on Ravelry too! Thank you again! If you are ever in the Port Huron area give me a shout and we’ll meet and knit!

  2. crazycatladymel says:

    Well, I didn’t know about Grandma, either. Our complicated, complicated family. Sigh.

    On the plus side, I’m on Ravelry, too, as of today. Woot! The usual ID.

  3. Beth says:

    yay for Ravelry… we’ll understand if the blog posting drops off 😉 It’s addictive. Very very addictive.

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