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Arachnids, wool moths and knit freakness. In which I spend 10 minutes avoiding my laundry.

While searching for my darning needle…to finish up a knitting project (shut up- you can’t ever find one either) I opened up a knit bag I haven’t used in a while. (hoping a long lost needle may be hiding there. There was.)

Inside, I also found a tiny, tumorous mass of white stringy threads….it ripped as I opened the bag….tiny white eggs fell out. I had visions of marching off to buy a deep-freezer big enough to hold my whole yarn stash….(we’re way past the freezer above the fridge size) I envisioned hours of shaking and beating….freezing and tossing…. (The time honored method of moth-egg removal from yarn).

Then, I spied a nasty, huge SPIDER running over to bite me (and probably kill me or harm my knitting hand, I’m sure.) Instead of my typical “KILL IT NOW, don’t ask questions!” response to spiders… I was relieved. Thrilled, actually. That it was a spider, and not a moth.

Apparently knitting has cured my fear of spiders. However, I have developed a rampant, replacement fear of MOTHS!

PS- no worries- my Dyson made short order of the knitbag invader. Although I think I’ll have my teen son empty it’s dust bin!

3 thoughts on “Arachnids, wool moths and knit freakness. In which I spend 10 minutes avoiding my laundry.

  1. I would have been SOOO relieved to find a spider, too!

    Moths scare me. Anything that EATS YARN is scary.

  2. I have to agree that anything that eats yarn is scary.

    I can ALWAYS find my yarn needle. I’m not bragging; I just want to share a tip. I keep a small, leather bound bible in my knitting bag that lives on the couch. I slide my yarn needle into the top binding of the bible. It doesn’t hurt the bible and it stays put pretty well if I use the bible. Plus, I can ALWAYS find my yarn needle…

  3. jennifer—GREAT idea…however- if I went to Biblestdy and yarn related paraphernalia fell out of my Bible…. I’d NEVER hear the end of it….although- might be totally worth i.. if I can find my darning needles;)

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