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A run in with reality. Literally. Supporting our Soldiers

Careening around the corner came a grocery cart with a toddler in the seat. Giggles met my ears long before I saw the them. Good thing- too, or I may not have made it out of the way! After jumping to a safe spot, I caught the eye of the “driver”.

He was a handsome, clean cut- looking kid. He was also standing on the back of the cart (where I always forget things- the rack) and using it like a skateboard. Shoving off the ground with one foot and coasting around the corner. A grocery store move, I’m familiar with.

He had that “Big brother making little brother giggle till- he pee’s his pants” kind of look on his face. I smiled a “I’m a mom, I’m not gonna kill you for nearly nailing me with a cart, cause you’re playing with you’re brother” smile. It’s something I’ve seen my kid do a number of times…. (and yelled at him for each time.)

That’s when my eyes also caught sight of what he was wearing. A uniform. Deep green….. army green. This kid-this big brother playing at the grocery store- kid who could be mine, was in the service.

My heart skipped a beat. Reality knocked the wind out of me. That kid could be mine. MY KID could be preparing to go into the service. How would I feel?

Walking a few paces behind- was the mom. Our eyes met. I smiled. A sisters in motherhood smile. That kid is hers. Over the weeks since this happened- I’ve prayed for them both. And for the little guy left behind. Missing his big brother.

Regardless of your political view— I ask you to think about those kids. (Ok- those adults) Those moms, wives and families. The reserves- all of the ones serving our country. Right now.

They could be yours. They could be mine- in a way they are all of ours. Our soldiers.

Let’s pray for them and support them.

Dear Lord- I pray especially for that soldier in the grocery store. That you’d be with him, where ever he is. And for his mom and family… that you’d be a comfort in their struggle. I pray for the war we are in…. God I pray for those who are dying. On both sides. I pray for the Muslim Mom- her whole family in so much danger. I pray for wise leadership- and I pray for an end to the war– I love you Lord- and ask you to be near all those involved- amen.

3 thoughts on “A run in with reality. Literally. Supporting our Soldiers

  1. Thanks for this prayer. our life is difficult, this military life we choose, and prayers and suppport like yours make things so much easier. Being the military wife and mom that stays at home with the kids dealing with nearly everything under the sun so hubby can do his job is hard. But, someone has to do the job, and we are thankful for the support of those who choose to give it.

  2. Oh you were so right to call them kids. So many of them are in so many ways. And they grow up so very fast overseas. My friends son was there for 18 months and came back in November.

    We pray for our soldiers constantly and for the protection of them and all their families. They and their families make such a big sacrifice for our safety.

  3. Such a sweet post! I know when my son went to Iraq for a year, my life was changed forever!
    Thanks for the reminder to uphold our military men and women and their families in our prayers.

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