Inspired by Nature Knit Along

Hey! I started a new knit along….. (well …. knit alone at this point;) I posted the site about 5 minutes ago!

What are the rules? What’s the point?

See it. Get outside- yeah- wear a hat n sunscreen- you’ll be ok. Look around! Find something beautiful, you want to capture in fiber!

Love it. Take a pic. Paint a pic… draw it…..or just remember it. whatever.

Find it. Start shopping- (could shop you’re own stash- of course!) for a pattern and yarn that capures your favorite elements!

Knit it. Join the KAL and cast on— post your progress… and ideas!

check it out- we’re starting with a cashmere contest!

One thought on “Inspired by Nature Knit Along

  1. ceceliafutch says:

    I’ve been roaming around your site, and I like it. Thanks for your candor, and for sharing your insights. Good blogs.

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