101 reasons why I'm an idiot, cat waxing, falling down steps

Brazilian Cat waxing, falling downstairs and other random updates….

Scene 1-Brazilian Kitty Waxing- Sometime Friday…

The boy- has once again found something to get into. He’s been on a “waxing” kick… and it’s not waning. I keep my eyebrow wax under the bathroom counter. (Before you say anything…I don’t anymore…)

While under the guise of a need for “privacy” I left him in the bathroom unatttended for a few minutes. FYI: “Privacy” is code for: “I need to poop, Mom- leave me alone” (He’s five- and now getting so much more refined in his manners…NOT) Anyway- he privately once again discovered the wax. I found drips and drops along the counter and floor.

I cleaned it up- and put him in time out.

All was once again calm.

Hours later- I went to have some privacy of my own…..when I discovered a clump of suspiscious white cat hair on the counter. A CLUMP, I tell you. Not just a few kitty strands. I swiped at the fur….when I realized it was stuck.

Poor Cappucino, (our white long haired “good cat”) must have learned the hard way how painful a bikini waxing is…..sat in a missed drop of wax….and RIPPPPP. Brazilian style kitty butt. (ok I’m exaggerating…. I couldn’t find any bald spots…he was fine…but there WAS a clump of fluff on the counter!) Hmmmm maybe now he’ll stay off the countertops.

Scene 2- The daring old mom, flys down the steps- sometime- yesterday

How many times have I said… “Don’t play on the steps?” Apparently I should have listened, to myself.

Standing at the top of the steps- while I was holding him, Noah said: “Don’t drop me Mommy!”

“I would never drop you, goofy!” Then, being the outrageously funny and fun mom that I am, I tipped him back wards… just far enough that he’d feel like I may actually drop him. He laughed as I snapped him back upright.

That’s when I learned a lesson in physics.

Nyloned feet
+ carpeted steps
+ wiggling 5 year old
+ Old Mom off balance

= a rather unpleasant way to slip slide and bounce down a flight of steps.

My feet slid out from under me… I held on to my little man with all my might, and bounce/slid down 14 steps on my left hip and elbow—- The one struggling to hold onto Mr Noah…

Most importantly- he’s fine- and No, I did not drop him.

However- this morning- my shoulder/back feels like burning lead and I may just be making an un-planned trip to the urgent care……

The worst part? It’s affecting my knitting. But not enough to stop me;)

Cast on Central Park Hoodie #2- In Cascade Sierra “Raspberry” Colorway.

I’m about to cast off for the shoulder shaping on the back. (I am knitting it a bit longer than the pattern— I’m rather long waisted- (and short legged- now that’s attractive;)

I wore my CPH on Sunday…. I love that sweater, but will need one that isn’t as heavy for spring/summer wearing. The Sierra is an 80 cotton 20 wool blend. And I’m knitting it a bit looser. Should be just the thing- If I don’t end up with my arm immobilized or something!

cookies and CPH 003

Scene 3- A guilt induced fit of “Good Mommy Cookie Baking”

No calamity- but after goofing around on the steps and falling with my little man- the residual guilt levels were still quite high…. so after a nice tub full of bubbles (Noah not me– although a long hot soak sounds wonderful about now…) we decided to bake and decorate some Easter cookies…..well- we decorated cookies and licked the spatulas….;)

cookies and CPH 001 cookies and CPH 002

Dear Lord- thanks for not letting me smoosh my little guy..on the steps…please heal my shoulder- and help me be patient as it heals…Thank you Lord- for all you did on the very first Easter… I love you Lord- amen!

7 thoughts on “Brazilian Cat waxing, falling downstairs and other random updates….

  1. I found you on the CPK Kal – the cat waxing story cracked me up! I once found (after I had to go up and investigate the screaming alternating with hysterical laughter), daughter #1 trying to “wax” daughter #2’s eyebrows – with duct tape!

    I love your site – I’ll be back!

  2. Hello! It’s Chris from Briar Rose fibers….I was the one at the Yarn Harlot event that asked if you had on the Central Park hoodie….I told you someone online had done it in red. I had the black and white Briar Rose Fibers t-shirt on. I wish I had gotten to know you better that day! By your blog I can tell that you are way cool! You love your kids and you love the Lord! woo hoo! Love your little side boxes of scriptures and verses.

  3. I found you through Yarn Harlot also.

    Christianity, Crafts, and Parenting? Not to mention you are from the midwest (like me!)?

    I’m definitely book-marking you!

  4. Hope that you are not hurt – other than a few bruises! I bought the yarn to knit “Simply Red” today – Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool in an awesome green… when I cast off SKB I will cast this baby on! Thanks for the inspiration!! Have a most blessed Easter!

  5. Tracey, that is a riot! But I’m really glad that you’re all ok- for the most part!

    Gotta have a sense of humor with 3 kids! You sound like a fun mom.

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