Ultimate Blog Party! Hi and Welcome!

Did I mention I like water????? welcome to the party!

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So, now you’re here. But where are you really? You’ve popped into my virtual livingroom. There are a couple of teenaged sons plopped on the couch. (They are irritated their computer time is up for the day.) There is a 5 year old son, jumping on the chair in the corner. (It’s cheaper than buying a trampoline;)

I’m sitting in “my spot” on the couch. There is a pile of books on the table next to me, I’m a freakish reader. There is also a pile of knitting. (I tend to be obessesive about my interests!) Next to my knitting is a half full- and mostly cold cup of coffee. (A gurls gotta have her caffeine.)

My DH is working on his laptop, (he’s a busy guy). He’s also the best husband evah. 😉

Strangely, on the back of the couch, where one would typically find the family cat perched, you see a rather obese beagle. That’s Sami, She’s cute— but confused or crazy, we’re not sure which. There is also a long haired white and tan cat- Cappucino- he’s disgusted by the confused dog. The final pet- another cat- is upstairs hiding, it’s not dark yet and she seems to think she’s a vampire. (Tends to bite in love and only comes out at night.)

Interesting things happen around here:

1) Maple syrup has been found in puddles on the kitchen floor. (That was a one time event;)

2) The cat box was once used as a makeshift sand box- (WITHOUT Moms approval) and to break in a new Tonka truck) Can you say CLOROX Bath?

3) Politics and Blues Clues are often discussed in tandem at the dinner table.

Things that may interest you, about me:

1) I was once stabbed through the hand. (OOOPS NEVER pry brownies out of the pan with a knife)

2) I have been:

A waitress

A preschool teacher

A pastoral counselor

3) My hair is a chameleon— it changes color every month…. (gee wonder how THAT happens?)

4) I absolutely Love God and am dedicated to getting to know Him better- and share the things I learn about Him, with others. (through writing , speaking and teaching)

5) I have been involved in Leadership with MOPS International for about 17 years!
6) On Tuesdays I write for the awesome team devotional blog: Laced with Grace

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9 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party! Hi and Welcome!

  1. Hi Tracey, Welcome to the Ultimate Party. I’m on the Linky at 429. I’m from Birmingham, England, and have written a satirical Journal based on Star Tek:TNG for the last two years. Hope you’ll visit.

  2. Just popping in to say “hello” from the Blog Party. Visited your link because it’s so unusual to find another “Tracey” that spells her name with an “ey” instead of “i”…

    Nice to meet ya!

  3. Well I have learned more about you =) Stay away from the woman with brownies, hehehe =)

    Love the picture.

  4. Swinging in for the party!!! Nice meeting ya.

    My second party favor give-away has begun. When ya get a chance come on over and let’s party!!!

  5. Just hoppin by for the party! I wish I could knit. I taught myself to crochet, but knitting was beyond me. Your post about the mannequins is hilarious. I agree. Nice “meeting” you!

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