Haircut advice needed

Go ahead…. pick me a new haircut! COMMENT CONTEST

Everyone is on the mend…(or we’re still awaiting the next round of illnesses)

And, I’ve decided I hate my head. (Well, my HAIR, specifically)

I checked the calendar, and yes I am probably a bit hormonal… but have been sick of it for a while now. I have an appointment tomorrow at noon. I found a website where you can upload your pic and try-on various hair cute- colors and so on. Virtual Makeover (A Grand way to waste time while the dishwasher and washing machine are running)

I need your help. Leave a conmment,choosing a style (options are numbered 1-5 you can click to enlarge- the one marked “A” is close to what I have currently) GO ahead- tell me why you like the one you choose. (The stupid piece of hair sticking out at the bottom rt…. is my own. It wouldn’t cooperate;)

Remember, the color and highlighting don’t count… just the cut…(as per the norm, I’m too cheap to let the salon do my color- Ill do that myself after it’s cut…..will probably buy what’s on sale.)

 haircut [pic 002

What they hey…… we’ll make it a contest! If you leave a comment with a suggestion- I’ll enter you into a drawing for a knitted giftie;) Contest will close at 9:00 a.m Tomorrow- March 1st.

Results (and haircut pic) will be posted after I get home tomorrow;)

(PS the higher the number of coments- the better the prize will be! So send people over to vote! I you link, I’ll enter you twice!)

5 thoughts on “Go ahead…. pick me a new haircut! COMMENT CONTEST

  1. Hmm that’s tough- I think it depends on what look you’re going for.

    I think A is cute, it tapers nicely at the chin and gives you a nice shape.

  2. #1 is my vote. It’s sleek, sophisticated, and frames your face nicely. The highlights are just enough to jazz it up without being over the top. Good luck! I hate picking out new hairstyles, which is probably why my hair has been long and layered with variations on my bangs for, uh… geez. For EVER. My excitement comes from playing with color. Right now I have pink streaks.

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