I can quit, anytime…..No, really- I CAN. Now, step away from the coffee pot!

This morning- I had an epiphany, of the coffee sort.

I think I have a problem. An addiction…. to coffee. *gasp*


The coffee is ready before I am each morning- either made by the man of the house, or the coffee pot’s timer, if he’s traveling. If I’m up, before either of those- I wait by the pot while it brews. Ocassionally, (Ok, usually) sneaking out a cup before it’s done. (I get busted for this if Husband is home… he can always tell !)

The longest 3 minutes of the day are waiting for the pot to brew. (This is clue #1 to my addiciton concern.)

I like my coffee strong— but then mix it with enough cream to resemble hot chocolate. Think Cappucino. That’s pretty close. I used to be a coffee snob- only fresh brewed… within minutes of brewing- actually. Only certain brands. Only certain cups…..

But, lately? I’m spiraling out of control.

I think Its the fault of certain young people and beagles. It can’t be me.

While trying to drink my fresh cuppa this morning- looked a lot like this:

Pour fresh perfect cup of coffee.

View a rather large potty deposit. (and attend to it’s various implied needs)
Let the yelping hound- both in- and out.

Take first drink of perfect- however- cooler cup of coffee.

Procure yogurt-Open Yogurt lid.
Clean up yogurt mess. (In the summer we solve the yogurt slipping off the spoon problem by serving “Gogurt” popsicles for breakfast. Just freeze the gogurt tubes- voila- instant low mess, somewhat healthy, breakfast.)

Reheat coffee. (I said REHEAT Coffee, people… the slippery slope of addiction I’m now drinking re-heated coffee)

Find the batteries and put them back into the TV remote. (Noah’s favorite new activity— removing/hiding them. )
Chase down the bad beagle and wrestle a piece of toy from her mouth.

Gulp down- now cold again- reheated coffee. And get another cup.
Pot is now luke warm.
Drink one cup- fast and luke warm… cold caffeine is better than none.

Stop dog from licking child’s feet. (To his protest. “But, I like it mom!” )

Boot up computer- get more coffee. Now stone cold. But, still it’s Starbucks.

Think about brewing another fresh pot— but strongly desire not to waste even the now cold, nasty brew…. what if I run out? What if there is a coffee crisis? I must stretch out the supply…. fear and panic well up as I face the possiblity of life without coffee.

Drink it anyways. Not bothering to even heat it up.


I have a problem.

And, I don’t care. Cause- let’s face it it’s really only a problem– If I don’t have coffee. Having it isn’t the problem. So I’m good;)