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Second Hand Stupid

It’s always the quiet ones—- and often- at our house at least— it’s ALWAYS at dinner, when they pop off with a good one;)

I am forever surprised by both the wisdom and hilarity that flows from my kids mouths— (ummm sometimes I’m shocked- too-I’m wondering when they will outgrow their affections for potty humor but, that’s besides the point)

While discussing “political correctness” other sundry issues of current culture- both pro and con- we talked about how nice it is to be able to go out to dinner without having asthmatic reactions to second hand smoke. We’re relieved that many places are now “smoke free.

At that point, Matt- the middle son- said
“Too bad they can’t do something about second hand stupid— it affects a lot of people at school”
ie: you hang with stupid people and they make you stupid.

Hmmmm… I wonder if we could get legislation passed on that?????????

(although- I suppose I could find myself on the wrong side of the law on that one- ocassionally!)

6 thoughts on “Second Hand Stupid

  1. Too funny! That would be good legislation, but I think we all might find ourselves on the wrong side of that one every once in a while. Blessings!

  2. Very funny, and sadly true!

    Thank you for your prayers for Emma Grace- So many bloggers blessed our family, words can never express how thankful and amazed we are.

    Emma says thank you too 🙂


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