Post Christmas knits…

Post Christmas knitting update… after 11 pair of felted clogs….. I needed to do some fun knitting;) And a bit of finishing….

So we have a Noro Silk Garden lite wrap in a basket weave pattern.

postchristmas kntis 004

A pair of Knitty’s “Fetching” mits with a cabled headband to coordinate , in Berrocco alpaca…

postchristmas kntis 005

Next, I started a “Forest Canopy” Shawl in Kidsilk Haze….the best purple.

postchristmas kntis 001

Finally- Clapotis #5 in Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb- Black Pearl colorway.

postchristmas kntis 006

Just a random Noah moment—-yesterday- while eating his Ravioli from a can for lunch… he got very serious….

“Mommy, I have something I always wanted to tell you…”

As a mom of teens AND a little guy- that phrase made me a little nervous—- would it be a confession? An imponderable question? NOPE.

“What, honey?” I implored.

“You’re beautiful” He said- to my yet to shower or run a brush through my wild haired surprise.

The best part? I think he meant it.

I love being a Mom.

3 thoughts on “Post Christmas knits…

  1. keri says:

    Awe, what a cutie!

    Love all your knits, I sense a purple theme going on 😉

  2. Tracey, in MI says:

    apparently Purple is my color of choice for 07 ;)Although— the fetchings are actually burgundy- bad lighting;)

    My teens suggest he was sucking up…. But i’m in denial. Happily;)

  3. Anonymous says:

    AWWWWW. totally cute. He wasn’t sucking up…Noah just loves his mom!

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