Christmas morning in pictures;)

santa pics06 004

Noah, and his “pile”

santa pics06 054

Noah, washing dishes with Grandma (My Mom;)

santa pics06 046

Grandma bought the big boys ipods…Santa thought Noah might need one too!
Fisher Price FP3 player— he loves it

santa pics06 011

TMX Elmo— just the thing to drive Mommy nuts;)

santa pics06 021

santa pics06 041

santa pics06 029

My middle son— who rarely lets me take his pic;)

santa pics06 007

How fat can a beagle be???? about this fat. Our bad-dog Sami- says’ “Merry Christmas”

4 thoughts on “Christmas morning in pictures;)

  1. I love the pictures, look like lost of fun and noise to be hand =)) Love your dog, I have a fat do too.

  2. LOL – the comment on your last picture – you are too funny :)…
    Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas with us. Looks like you all had a great time…
    Wishing you and yours blessings for 2007.

  3. Hey girl.. I just was checking out some of your site and really like the changes you have made. I will take more time to browse your other pages as well. Pray that you are doing well.

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