Laced with Grace and a few updates…

Awwww how sweet- On Tuesdays’ I post at “Laced with Grace”

I’ve been working my way through the book of Luke- and yesterday- posted on Luke 19. The focus was on Zaccheus- You can click the link to read—- Zaccheus was a short little tax-collector who wanted to see Jesus- so climber a sycamore tree—-you can click to read and find a way to climb to the top of your Christmas tree- to keep focused on Jesus- this holiday season.

What a great surprise to find out the post was honored by

I have basketful of 7 varied sizes of Christmas slippers to be felted— I’ll post pics later- for now- I’ve just downloaded “Little Women” to my Ipod and am off to spend a long afternoon of wrapping gifts and waiting for the UPS guy.

You can find todays reading here: Luke chapter 20- Find out how Jesus answered a set-up question of under who’s authority He spoke, what Jesus thought about paying taxes, and whose son is Christ anyways????? Keep Christmas in the Context of the Gospel!

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  1. The Imperfect Christian says:

    Oh, I haven’t dived into Luke yet, may have to do that now! Thanks!

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