Print Of The Wave Stole… Blocking;) YES.

print of the wave blocking 001

Eunny Jang’s Print Of the Wave Scarf/Stole…. about 1000 yds of Knitpicks Shadow Laceweight in Vineyard… knit and waiting to block

print of the wave blocking 003

Merino soup? Nope- First a 30 inutes soak in Eucalan….. to prep the fiber for blocking.

print of the wave blocking 004

A strange pic of the stole blocking… There are mistakes everywhere… but I don’t care. I love it. It’s taken since June. And it’s DONE!

print of the wave blocking 005

Hmmm with what will I wear it? I’m thinkin t-shirt and jeans or white top and slacks;)

More pics when it’s dry;)

11 thoughts on “Print Of The Wave Stole… Blocking;) YES.

  1. that is one awesome piece of knitting. I’m terrified of lace knitting and am so impressed by what you’ve achieved!

  2. It’s gorgeous! And as for ‘mistakes,’ think of it this way: There are no perfect people, so why should there be perfect knitting? 🙂 There’s a tradition in Persian rug making to intentionally have some mistakes because only God is perfect.

    Excellent work!

  3. I followed your link from the knit along. Your stole is *beautiful*. Congratulations on finishing it — I’m jealous. 🙂

  4. It looks fabulous! I don’t see a single mistake & doubt that anyone else will either.

    How did you like working with the Knitpicks Shadow?

  5. Wow, this is beautiful! Don’t worry about the “mistakes”. I don’t think anyone is going to notice due to the dazzling beauty of the piece. And I’m with Cindy on the issue of mistakes too.

  6. ok, i hate to encourage you, but these are beautiful.

    hey, i need to go to just one blog for you…which do you recommend?

  7. Oh my gosh…that is stunning . I really never can wrap my head around the transformation from pre- to post-blocking…congrats; can’t wait to see a dry shot!

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