Busy Day, Patriot at Work;)

IS it over yet? Apparently not. The phone is still ringing with annoying calls, somehow I think you should be free of political calls once you’ve voted.

Either way, I voted. Did you? The polls are still open it doesn’t take long, lives have paid for this right. Exercise it.

My Post is over at “Laced With Grace” Today Find out if I’ve been “Oughted” our have ever “Oughted” anyone else….and whether you have ….

My Print Of the Wave Stole is finished. I’ll be blocking tonight. Pics in the morning! 😉 And please even if your Political and Economics Teacher told you one vote doesn’t count..(My 14 year olds teacher dids just this.)

VOTE ANYWAYS. You make a difference, and you set an example. Oh, and try not to smack-down any political flyer passers… I doubt it’s the same people who make the calls…. Though a question about that too, they know you throw it out as soon as you’re in the door, right? Sheesh. Politics.

2 thoughts on “Busy Day, Patriot at Work;)

  1. One vote doesn’t count?!!!! What a cynical attitude. Hope your son takes his teacher’s advice with a pinch of salt. When I was his age, one of my Guide leaders (I’m your SP in the UK, btw) told us that we should always vote, at every opportunity, because so many suffragates fought so hard–even giving up their lives–so that women (and, indeed, working class/blue collar men) could get the vote. Now that’s more like it. I vote in every election going (local, area, regional, national) and I get very cross with people who say “oh, there’s no point voting for X or Y, they’ll get so few votes, they’ve no chance”. Well of course they haven’t if everyone takes that attitude!

    In my family we do, sometimes, vote tactically (to keep somebody out, rather than to vote somebody in) and sometimes we agree that there are 2 or 3 good candidates, so one will vote for the one, the second for another and so on. n But each and every one of our votes counts.

    time to leap off my sopabox, methinks

  2. No wrries, my guys started public school, fully aware that everyone would have their own opinion. Including teachers. It was a ridiculous statement, which is exactly how Matt took it. 😉

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