Some things I forgot about exercise….


1) It hurts.

2) To refill my inhaler. (Fatter or not, I’ve not “outgrown” my exercise induced asthma, just my jeans.)

3) That it makes me want to not eat junk food… ’cause it’s not worth the extra exercise….

Lately I’ve just plain been feeling crappy. Fat, slow, unhealthy and yucky. I recently saw a couple of pics that gave me a jolt. Time to take better are of myself. So this morning… Noah and I spent half an hour doing a little Pilates. (he’s cute- I look ridiculous) Then I ran up and down the steps for a bit. That’s when I remembered I hadn’t used my inhaler.

ouch. I am still coughing. This is not good. I’ll make an appt to refill my meds. The good news? Instead of grousing and complaining, at least I’m doing somethng about it.

I’m thinking about getting a membership at Curves….anybody have any experience there? I hear there are no men, and no mirrors.. that will work for me.

(I don’/t like the meat mkt feel of some mixed gender gyms…..and as for mirrors, well- I have no need to see how stupid I look while trying to work out….;) And… just to prove the world is nuts… I exercise start to wheeze then THIS happens…. Maybe it’s a sign I should go back to the couch? Maybe not- but it certainly DOES mean I need to catch up on mitten knittin.. in the mitten;)
hello... snow 001

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