Laced With Grace…..

Laced With Grace.

A few days back- I posted that God was both completing an area of ministry- (The CWO Team Blog, which will be missed by all) and opening a few new chapters, In my life.

I’m thrilled to announce that Iris has answered God’s call to create a Devotional Team Blog, called “Laced With Grace”. SHe’s asked me to be a part- and I look forward to posting there in Tusedays!

There are a number of team members, and this blog will offer a unique voice of encouragement to anyone who wanders by, via the internet. Please stop by for a “look-see”! And- please pray as team member prepare their hearts and share what God shows, through their writing.

More later;)

4 thoughts on “Laced With Grace…..

  1. The Imperfect Christian says:

    I’m very excited about Laced with Grace, nervous, but excited!

  2. eph2810 says:

    Thank you Tracey for being part of the team. I am looking forward to it and also get a little nervous. But God will take care of the little butterflies in my tummy. I will answer you email in just a few minutes…Just typing out my Thankful Thursday post.

  3. Amydeanne says:


  4. Lynn Donovan says:


    You have such a beautiful site here. It is welcoming and fresh. I am looking forward to your posts on Lace with Grace. Be blessed, Lynn

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